Zen and the Art of PowerTrace

animated bookA  nice presentation shared by one of the friendly folks over at RES (Me!). This one is called Business Value of PowerTrace. It essentially shows you all the cool things which you can find out about your organization, using PowerTrace, a component of PowerFuse 2008 Enterprise edition. Please be sure to check the speaker notes on the PowerPoint, as there is a ton of valuable information in there. Some of the things you can discover are:

  • What’s a certain user been doing at a certain time?
  • Who’s been doing things they’re not supposed to do?
  • Who’s been editing a certain [type of] docment in a given department?
  • Web activity of a user or department
  • What’s the Top-10 usage of applications and websites?
  • What’s the daily maximum users on my terminal servers?

These and other questions are answered in the presentation. Enjoy: Icon, RarFile

Please note: This article is outdated as there’s a new presentation/article to replace it. Please go here to read it.

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