Configure global PowerFuse settings via registry

Animated, Gears, boxHere’s an interesting item which was shared a while back. This is a policy template for controlling the global settings of RES PowerFuse. It is believed to have been created by Sander over at the RES Inside blog. This template adresses an important need, since several options in the management console are still only globally configurable through the console GUI and may not apply to all users.

Scr, PowerFuse Policy templateUsing this policy template, it’s not the intention for you to start managing PowerFuse through AD. While possible it would be crossing the bridge for water, as PowerFuse in it self is perfectly capable of applying the user-specific parts of any policy template file. So, what we’re dealing with here is a way for PowerFuse to configure itself, using registry settings, while remaining inside the RES console. Sounds iffy? Don’t worry, it’s not – just do the following:

  • Download the .ADM file from the link below
  • Dump it somewhere  you can browse to it with a PowerFuse console
  • Go to the configuration management | powerlaunch | user registry node
  • Click the Add Policy button at the bottom
  • Hit the Add button in the new dialog to browse for the .ADM file. It will now be uploaded to the PowerFuse SQL database, so you needn’t worry about distributing it anymore.
  • Add some descriptive text in the name and description fields. You’ll thank yourself for this some months later down the road.
  • Set to whom this applies on the Access Control tab.
  • Start clicking away in the policy template, enabeling the desired settings.

There is a nice description of the entire thing in this PDF:  Icon, PDF file

Download the ADM file here (rightclick, save as):  icon-txt

Important note: The PowerFuse policy template available above does not include the latest registy settings in the PowerFuse update pack  Also, there may be some additional registry settings in this article about the PowerFuse registry, which are not included at the moment. If someone would be kind enough to update the policy template and share it with RESguru, we’ll post it.

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