Remember, Remember, The 5th of October!

From the cloak and dagger dept. Something wonderful and very exciting is happening with RES Software. Unfortunatly I cannot reveal the details just yet. What I can tell you is to keep your eyes peeled on the corporate website on October 5th 2010. Also worth mentioning:  If you are attending Citrix Synergy in Berlin, please make sure you stop by RES Software at booth #201 and have a looksee what’s going on. This year RES is a Platinum sponsor, together with the good folks of Microsoft, Dell, HP, Intel, Cisco and Wyse.

Ports of PowerFuse and other products

From the Technotes-R-Us dept. A new article, RG02C has been added to the technote library. This is a reference to the TCP ports being used by all RES products. This document will be maintained if new ports are added in the future.

Click here to read the article

New whitepaper: PowerFuse 2010 Workspaces

A very interesting whitepaper, dealing with Workspace management in RES PowerFuse  has been released by Iain Brighton over at Virtual Engine.This document is definatly level 400 as it dives into the deep end of the tech pool, with very detailed real-world examples of do’s and don’t of workspace management. This is definatly a must-read if you are contemplating implementing workspace containers and using delegation in a large scale environment.

The document can be downloaded here:

Updated article: Getting rid of first-time login stuff

The technote article RG01F, published January 2010, discussed how to get rid of the Personalized Settings window, which appears at first-time login for new users. In this minor overhaul of the article, there is now detailed information on how to configure this through the PowerFuse 2010 console.  Click here to read the updated article.

RESguru site moved!

From the enough-is-enough dept. Regular patrons of this site might have noticed that since yesterday night things went kablooey and RESguru was offline. Not entirely sure what happened, but the DNS entries were shot and the site was unresponsive. Fortunately I backup on a regular basis, so it didn’t take too long to move to a new host, as I wasn’t too thrilled anyway by the speed that the previous host provided. As of today the Guru’ lives at HostGator‘s datacenter in Dallas, TX. These guys are great btw. Fast, efficient and affordable. Nuff’ said.

I trust you will experience first hand the improved speed of the site – Enjoy!

Have a look at Virtual Engine’s blog

From the RES community dept. I was made aware of a cool blog that one of my industry colleagues, Iain Brighton at Virtual Engine, has put together. There are several useful articles regarding RES PowerFuse to be found here, among which I would like to highlight the PowerFuse Delegation article which was published yesterday. Keep up the nice work! Go have a look here.

If you have a blog or website that has solid technical information on RES Software products, drop me a message @RESguru, and I’ll be happy to take a look at it.

Updated: PowerFuse Commandline parameters

From the technote department. One of the oldest articles in the RESguru Technote library has finally received a long deserved overhaul. The article in question, RG005 was first published back in January 2009. The new and improved article is optimized with an index, jumplinks, and organized into 3 main sections:

  • Parameters for the RES PowerFuse console
  • Installation parameters for the different PowerFuse components
  • A mixed hodgepodge of parameters for different sub-components

Click here to read the article