New RES video – VDX explained

From the extended department. If you are new to RES technology, you may or may not have heard about the VDX product that has got everybody’s talking. In short it enables you to run local apps as part of a remote/virtual desktop coming from TS/Citrix/VDI etc. For those of you familiar with Citrix terminology, it’s best described as reverse seamless windows, for which RES Software holds a patent. and I’ve previously created an article here, which describes how to setup a nice demo of VDX.

Recently however, RES has produced a nice short video which explains the concept. You can view this video below or check it out in the VideoVault alongside the 3 new videos which have been added today.

Currently VDX is a part of the RES Workspace Manager. Do keep in mind however, that in RES will launch a stand-alone version of VDX in January 2011, which will enable you use this technology as a stand-alone component.

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