New SR2 adds features to MyWorkspace Edition

You may recall the review of the SR2 release that I did a while back. A new update of the SR2 was released today. The difference between the original SR2 version,  and now is that about 5 important fixpacks have been rolled into the current SR2 release Besides that some functionality regarding the Myworkspace Edtion has changed. This is crucial to know as it may affect what version of product is relevant for you. The main change in MyWorkspace edition is that we’ve added more of the functionality, which until now were only available in the Enterprise version. In other words – more bang for the buck! Here are the additions to MyWorkspace edition:

  • Folder Syncronization: Allows you to sync files any set of locations, event triggered or timed. Perfect alternative to Windows offline folders. It’s based on MS Sync Framework, so think of it as a centrally managed equivalent of SyncToy.
  • Datasources: Create needed ODBC datasource for applications. The datasource is created as a User DSN when the  application attached to the datasource is created, and cleaned up nicely when you log off.
  • Web Portal: Allows you to create a web-based interface to the users instead of using the explorer desktop/start menu. Note this is not a Citrix Web-Interface replacement. We simply just render a dynamic web-based launch platform for users within a Workspace Manager session.
  • Instant Reports: Document anything inside the workspace manger with a single click

For further information on the differences between the product editions, see this older article on PowerFuse 2008 here.

Besides the MyWorkspace edition changes, the SR2 update includes the support of Automation Manager 2011, which has just been released recently as RC (Release Candidate).

The release includes a rollup of all the fixes found in UpdatePacks through In order to make better sense of the differences/changes, here on the right are the releasenotes for fixpack 9.02.5 which is cummulative, i.e it contains all the fixes from

You can also download the complete all-inclusive releasenotes for the SR2 release right here:

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