Zen and the Art of Usage Tracking

From the revamed slidedeck division. If you are new to this blog, you may have missed a posting that I did almost two years ago, called Zen and the Art of PowerTrace. This article was about how to get the most out of the advanced tracking module (known back then as PowerTrace), built into the Enterprise version of the RES Workspace Manager.

With the help of my good friend Sascha Maier, I was back then able to create a slide-deck using real-world screenshots of a live customer environment with thousands of users, showing you the true power of Usage Tracking unleashed. Not an easy feat to replicate in a lab environment, I’m sure you’ll agree. As RES recently changed product names, logos etc. I thougth this would be a great time to re-introduce the revamped slide-deck with updated terminology and graphics.

If you are new to RES products: This slidedeck will teach you how to get the most out of Usage Tracking, which is an extensive logging apparatus, essentially linking all the user does in a session, what apps are being used for how long, on what devices, online/offline status, resource consumption, and much much more. Usage Tracking will answer the following and many other questions:

  • What’s going on right now?
  • What did a certain user do at a certain time?
  • Who’s been doing things they’re not supposed to do?
  • Who’s been editing a certain [type of] docment in a given department?
  • Web activity of a user or department
  • What’s the Top-10 usage of applications and websites?
  • What’s the daily maximum users on my terminal servers?

If you are a Veteran Workspacer, throw out the old PowerTrace slide deck and click below to download the updated presentation. Note: The screenshots still say PowerTrace here and there. Eventually I’ll get around to grabbing new screenshots when the viewer changes someday.

In either case, be sure to read the speakernotes section of the Powerpoint presentation as it contains the entire talk track and a lot of useful information about the capabilities of this system. In addition to this presentation, be sure to read article RG007 on the sizing of the Usage Tracking Database and RG02D about splitting the Usage tracking log data away from the Workspace Manager 2011 configuration datastore.


Click on the slidedeck on the right to download:




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