Spammers Ahoy!

From the will-you-quit-already dept. To the rest of the RES community, please ignore this posting as it’s got little to do with what we usually deal with around here. I just wanted to vent some steam at the clueless individuals who seem hellbent on peddeling their useless crap, be it knockoff watches, pet viagra, timeshares in New Jersey or whatever…

Guys, you’re wasting your time here – We have this thing in place called a “SPAMFILTER”. Yes, that’s right – we keep it on the far side of the moon, right next to the “Laser”. Net result:  Spam comments submitted: 3971. Number of spam comments that made it through: 0, zip, nada, zilch. Get the picture?

Update: And just to make life even more miserable for you – the purveyors of spam, I’ve added a Captcha filter today. I trust it won’t put off the regular patrons of this site too much.

Workspace eBook

From the old hats dept. Okay, so this is not exactly hot off the press, as it’s been sitting there for a while. However I thought I’d make you aware of this ebook, if you haven’t stubled over it already. A while back a friend of RES Software, Mr. Greg Shields of Denver, Colorado has written an interesting e-book called The Shortcut Guide to User Workspace Management.

Go check it out here