WM2010 SP3 Released

From the servicepack department. SR3 for Workspace Manager 2010 has just been released yesterday, December 22nd 2010. Merry Xmas! If you btw are wondering why the console still says PowerFuse, the product is effectively going to change name in the console from the 2011 release. Aside from the usual rollup of all previous updatepacks into this release, there are also several improvements worthwhile looking into. In all there are 100+ enhancements and fixes in this release. Among the most interesting things are:

  • MyWorkspace Edition expanded. Yay! That means more bang for the buck, more functionality in this version of the RES Workspace Manager. You can now do FolderSync, ODBC Datasources,  use Instant Reports and use the WebPortal.
  • Location and Devices support for additional resolutions. Workspace Manager now detects these additional resolutions: 1280×800, 1366×768, 1440×900, 1600×900 and 1680×1050. Now all I could wish for would be a field to specify custom resolutions, but hey – all good things come to those who wait :)
  • Printers can now be refreshed when network changes. This is very cool for location based printing. Imagine you roam through a campus and when you hit a given Access Point or plug into the wall somewhere, you automagically get the network printers available around you without having to logout/login or even manually refresh.
  • User Settings Prefetch. This is a setting which allows you to tweak when User Settings for an application are loaded. You can choose between prefetching in background or load on application startup. See the releasenotes below for details.
  • Limit selection of wallpapers to approved list. It is now possible to configure Workspace Manager to only allow selection of a set of pre-aproved wallpapers. This is great for companies that want to on one hand to allow users some degree of flexibility, yet want to maintain a corporate look and feel for their desktops, being local, virtual or remote.

To obtain the SR3 ServicePack, just go to the support portal and log in with your SA account. There are several more enhancements and a multitude of fixes, which are described in the release notes. You can download these right here: