All About the RES Portals

From the spells & portals dept. A new technote RG31 describes how you gain access to the RES Portals and what you can do there. Not only will this information become handy in your initial engagement with RES Software, but may perhaps also serve as a grounds for comparison when making you decision on what workspace management technology you will be using in the future. Always compare not only products, but also the underlying support infrastructure of the vendor, as that’s what you may be dealing with on a rainy day if something doesn’t work as expected.

Note: As a prerequisite, I recommend you to read article RG030 on how to install and activate RES product licences.

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Guide to RES product licenses

From the Technote-R-Us dept. A new article RG030 has been posted in the RESguru technote library. This article is an illustrated step-by-step guide on how to install and activate RES product licenses. For the purpose of this article we use the RES Workspace Manager 2011 as an example. The procedure for the RES Automation Manager is very similar.

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