3 Great reasons to visit RES Software at MMS

From the What-Happens-In-Vegas Dept. Microsoft Management Summit in sunny Las Vegas is coming up in March, 21st through 25th. If you’re stateside this is a must-attend event, where you will have the opportunity to learn from the experts and see what’s new in the realm of all things Microsoft. Again this year, RES Software, a Microsoft Gold Partner, is exhibiting and presenting System Center integration and VDX at MMS. Here’s a handful of great reasons why you should stop by booth #415 or one of our presentations/labs and see what’s going on… Read more »

Two new VDX technotes

From the Technotes-R-Us Dept. At the release of RES VDX on Febuary 14th 2011, RES Software put up a nice intro site where you can see the Virtual Desktop eXtender in action and learn how easy it is to install it. VDX is literaly up and running in minutes! Go have a look, see the intro video, download VDX and try for yourself! In these two articles, I’ve popped the hood on the product in order to go deep into the technology, to share some additional addtional details on how it works. The second article, RG032 covers the registry, including how to set up a trace log for VDX for debugging purposes.

<<< Click here to read RG033 about how VDX works.

<<< Click here to read RG032 about the VDX registry settings.