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From the Guru Bootcamp dept. During 2010 we’ve all been witness to how the product portofolio at RES has expanded. Also there’s been plenty of new functionality added to the existing products, hence the training offerings needed to be changed accordingly. RES Training recently announced changes in the training and certification courses to it’s channel. I’ve summarized some of the highlights here and added a Training FAQ section below.

Note: This article has been updated Feb 17th with links to syllabus for the new courses and additional entries in the FAQ section.

RES Automation Manager 2011

As of Jan 1st the  existing RES Automation Manager Basic course (RAMBC-300) will be supplemented with a Service Orchestration course, and split-up into three separate consecutive trainings:

  • RES Automation Manager 2011 Basic Course – Task Automation RAMBC-310
  • RES Automation Manager 2011 Basic Course – Resource Provisioning RAMBC-320
  • RES Automation Manager 2011 Basic Course – Service Orchestration RAMBC-330

It is officially recommended that you as a RALC or RCT combine RAMBC-310 with RAMBC-320 and offer RAMBC-330 in a separate course. As a trainer I can only concur with this, as Service Orchestration is a completely new ballgame for most folks – even the seasoned Workspacer’s, as it’s not about technology, but about the business. As for duration guidelines, nothing is set in stone, however the following recomendations are currently offered:

  • RAMBC-310: 2 days, combined with RAMBC-320: 3 days
  • RAMBC-320: 1 day
  • RAMBC-330: 3 days (Again, keep in mind this is very different from what you may know about WM and AM)

For the syllabus / topics covered in the Automation Manager RAMBC courses, please refer to this page on the corp website.

RES Workspace Manager 2011

With the release of RES Workspace Manager 2011 (formerly known as RES PowerFuse) early 2011, the RES Workspace Manager Basic Course will also be available in three separate trainings:

  • RES Workspace Manager 2011 Basic Course – Composition & Personalization RWMBC-410
  • RES Workspace Manager 2011 Basic Course – Advanced Administration RWMBC-420
  • RES Workspace Manager 2011 Basic Course – Security & Performance RWMBC-430

Note that it is recommend to combine all three courses to archive maximum, in-depth knowledge of the product suite. The duration guidelines for the RWMBC courses are as follows:

  • RWMBC-410: 2 days, combined wih RWMBC-420 and RWMBC-430: 5 days.
  • RWMBC-420: 2 days
  • RWMBC-430: 2 days

For the syllabus / topics covered in the Workspace Manager RWMBC courses, please refer to this page on the corp website.

Training FAQ

Several questions pop up over and over again while new ones are probably be forming right now, so let me try to address some of these in the section below. If you have additional questions that you feel that belong in this Frequently Asked Questions list, drop an email or simply comment on this post. Newest additions will be on top.

New questions

So now Workspace Manager 2011 is released, when is the exam for it coming?

While significant features additions have been made from PowerFuse 2010 to Workspace Manger 2011, it was however not sufficient to warrant a new prometric test. In other words, the 2010 exam is still good for Workspace Manager 2010. There will be a new exam for Workspace Manager 2012.

What about Automation Manager then? Will my current Wisdom certification remain valid too?

In July 2011 we should see a new Automation Manger 2011  exam.

What about VDX? Will that be a seperate course too?

No, since it’s a very simple product to work with, it does currently not warrant it’s own course. VDX will be covered in the RWMBC-410 course.

Current questions

Will there be a manual for every of the RAMBC/RWMBC courses, meaning 6 manuals?

Yes. Although the contents of the three manuals that will be available for each product are in general the same as the single manual that was available before, there will going to be 6 manuals: 3 manuals for Automation Manager including Service Orchestration, and 3 for Workspace Manager.

What are the cost of manuals?

Fair question, let me redirect you to the partners for the correct answers to that, as I’d rather stear clear of the whole pricing thing. Here are links where you can find contact information for RES Software’s RALC’s (RES Autorized Learning Centers) (RALC’s) and Distribution partners. If I can post MSRP prices later, I’ll update this posting.

Can I have the manuals as a PDF?

No. Believe it or not, we get this question all the time. The manuals are the intellectual property of RES Software. Microsoft, Citrix and VMware to name a few, won’t be too happy either if you copy their corriculum.

I want to certify as an RCP . Is course participation mandatory?

No. That’s the same deal as with Citrix, Microsoft, etc. The courses are offered, but there’s no obligation to take them. If you believe you can do the prometric tests, then by all means go for it! However I do recomend you to seriously consider the courses as you will benefit from the experience and knowledge of the trainer (which in some instances may be your’s truely).

What if I want to become a trainer myself?

The only exception to the above is if you are planning to become an RCT (RES Certified Trainer). You first have to pass the most recent of all available exams. Second, you will need to demonstrate to RES Software that you’re capable of delivering the training. For EMEA, this happens during T3 classes, which are held in Den Bosch, Netherlands. In the United states, at this time this process is  handled by yours truely. One of my responsibilities is to certify new trainers. Once I’ve seen you train and things check out to our standards, I’ll give you the blue rubberstamp of aproval and voilá; you are a RES Certified Trainer.

On a side note: If this is your first time working with RES products and you’re an experienced trainer, by all means make sure you focus on learning the products first, before you worry about how you’re going to deliver the training. This may seem a strange thing say to some, but remember that while many of our current RCT’s have field engineering background, others are dedicated trainers who do not have experience implementing RES products in the field. Therefore, make sure you understand the technology first.

I’m a RCT already or represent a RALC, can I reshape the course durations?

Yes. Now that it’s all modular, it is easy reshape the courses to the needs of your local market. For example, here in the states folks have been asking for a shorter course of say 5 days combined Automation Manager and Workspace Manager. With the new courses as offered above, there is nothing to prevent you from reshuffeling the courses to suit your needs. Here are a couple of examples of combinations you could do:

  • 5 days combined with focus on Workspace Management: RWMBC410 + RWMBC420 in 3 days, followed by 2 days of RAMBC-310.
  • 5 days combined with focus on Automation Management: RWMBC410 in 2 days + RAMBC310 in 2 days + RAMBC320 in one day.

Where do I find a testcenter?

Just go to the prometric testsite. Hit the Start button and the next page will offer you an option to Locate a Testsite. Here you can chose from what country (and if in US, what state) you’re in. When you go through the rest of the menus where you chose what test you want to take, the site will list the testcenters available in your area. There is a more thourough guide available here on how to register for a test.

Does RES offer vouchers for prometric training?

No. Not directly. RES Software does not sell Prometric vouchers to endusers or partners. Only RES Authorized Learning Centers can purchase these in combination with manuals.

Whay is the passing score of the tests?

The prometric tests have a minimum passing score of 420 out of 600 points. Each question in the test is however weighed differently. That means that you won’t get as many points for correctly answering an easy question as answering a difficult question correctly. Also bear in mind that due to the different

Do you know where I can find braindumps?

Yes ;-)

Do you have any statistics on the passing rates?

I’m not sure that Prometric provides this statistic directly, so from what I understand from the friendly folks in Training, the passing rate is between 90-95% on the first run on Workspace Manager, and around 80-85% on Automation Manager. This may come as a suprise to some – the Automation Manager test is definatly more tough than Workspace Manager. If I get an update on said numbers I’ll update this article.

How do I submit feedback on education related topics?

RES Education can be contacted on

I have feedback on your prometric tests. Will you use it?

Yes. One of the core values of RES Software is that we listen to customer feedback. That’s how we grow our software. When it comes to Prometric tests we would also like to hear from you if something doesn’t work. However please don’t expect us to make any changes until the next major release of our tests. Maintaining and making changes to a Prometric test program is very expensive. Honestly, you would not believe how expensive this is. Even adding graphics to illustrate a question can double an already 5-figure pricetag.

Will upgrade/delta courses be offered?

Update Jan 1st 2010: I passed this question along to Training HQ: Currently there is no plan to offer 2011 upgrade courses as the demand for courses such as RPFUC-100 has been very low. Seems most people prefer to take the full course. Besides that, there is less conceptual change from 2010 to 2011, than originally from 2008 to 2010 as we changed the console completely back then. So with that in mind, we do not anticipate a large demand for upgrade courses as things are today.

I can’t travel. Can I sit into a course via phone/webex?

While some RALC’s may offer pure remote courses, I would personally never recomend mixing a live class with remote participants. The primary reason is that you would simply not get enough out being trained this way. It also requires a tremendous effort on behalf of the trainer to balance the needs of the local/remote participants.


  • By Patrick, December 27, 2010 @ 07:49

    What about upgrade courses?
    Will there be an upgrade course combining all the WM2011 modules in one upgrade… or an upgrade of AM2011 combined with the full RAMBC-330 course?

  • By RESguru, December 28, 2010 @ 05:13

    Hi Patrick, I’ve looked into this and added it to the FAQ. I have added some other topics too.


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