How to manage settings for a software suite


Animated, Gears, boxFrom the Mostly Nuts and Bolts Dept. A new article RG056 has been added to the Technote Library. This article describes how to organize settings for a group of applications belonging to the same suite, using RES Workspace Manager 2012. A prime example of a suite is obviously Microsoft Office. The idea is to create a common container object, where all the applications can store their settings in, thus common settings are shared. This article will show you how to accomplish this, using one of the less known configuration items within RES Workspace Manager; namely User Settings Linking. These have traditionally been used to link virtual apps with their local counterparts installed elsewhere, so this article effectively illustrates another way to use them.

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The RES Community – Now with Ninjas!

community-hero-logoFrom the Community Hero Dept. It’s been a while since I took time to look at the RES Community landscape. Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised to find that a new site came up a couple of months ago. I must admit I discovered it only by accident, through the referring sites report on my HiStats. Anyway, allow me to present a promising new site:!


Right now I actually have no clue who’s running the site, although it seems that the folks behind it know me well. I guess that’s how ninja’s roll :-) Believe me, I fully understand the value of running a site incognito initially. Half a decade ago, some marketeers here at the company did not like one bit what I was doing, hence for a while nobody knew who was behind RESguru. Fortunately those individuals are long gone and I am proud to have a fruitful and collaborative relationship with RES Marketing as of today. These folks truly understand the value of having a semi-rogue and opinionated technical blogs like RESguru in the eco-system.

@Sensei (who I gather is the editor at RESninja) –  I am truly happy to see that you folks have joined the ranks of community content providers. Good-natured competition with a bit of attitude never hurts, so I’m stoked to see you guys have “thrown the sword” and taken the challenge. I for one look forward to see what content the ninjas will bring us next!

In general – If you are a start-up tech blogger and you’re writing anything about RES technology, please reach out if you would like to have your site showcased. You don’t need to have created a truckload of material up front – basically one article is enough, as it’s the will to share RES technical knowledge that counts. I would also like to add that if you don’t have your own blog, the doors at RESguru are always open for guest writers.


Workspace Manager SR3 Highlights

By Max Ranzau


Update: Since the June 12th, the SR3 release has been updated. If you already read this article, cut to the chase below.

From the Yay-New-Toys! Dept. Yesterday we got the long awaited Workspace Manager Service Release 3. Due to yours truly being 6-9 hours behind the rest of the RESverse here in the Bay Area, you won’t hear it first on RESguru, but at least I get dibs on diving into the deep end of the feature pool and perhaps fill in a few blanks that you weren’t aware of. This time we’re in for a treat as there are several new SR3 features to look at. [RANT=ON] It took a little while extra tonight, as the retarded WordPress editor decided to hose my article – twice! And autosave had gone fishin’ as well..#@%&! [RANT=OFF] Anyway, you will find the release notes for download at the end of this article. Here is some of the new enhancements and features in no particular order: Read more »