On this page you will find an overview of the contributing authors here at RESguru.com. Being a RESguru is neither a one-man job or hard in particular. Just knowing your RES technology and having a desire to share your knowledge, are the prime ingredients. If you would like to join the RESguru author team, please contact Max Ranzau. Below is a short introduction to each author. For more information and contact details, click the pictures or links below.


Max Ranzau,  Founder and lead author of RESguru.com. Max has been consulting and training virtualization technologies for the better part of two decades with a focus on end-user computing, specializing in UEM, Automation and Self-Service solutions.  Starting with Citrix Winview in the early nineties and later Citrix and RES Software products. Max was a CCI for 7 years, one of the first 100 CCEA’s worldwide and a SoftGrid (App-V) Certified Instructor from 2003. Sold, trained and implemented the entire RES product line since the dawn of the millennium and have been with RES Software for 7 years.  RES Certified Instructor and T3 trainer. Read more.



Patrick Kaak, Systems Engineer/Consultant Desktop and OS Delivery at Centric IT Solutions in the Netherlands. I began my career at the supportdesk of a large dutch cable company, helping users at home through the phone. Then I followed the way to consultant desktop delivery; from packaging engineer creating MSI’s, sequencing Softgrid/App-v to creating full blown backends with Citrix Provisioning Server, XenDesktop, XenApp and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services. Read more.



Sascha Maier is the IT Manager of a managed service provider in Switzerland. Sascha has been working in IT since 1994, initially as an IT supporter. Later, he has worked at various levels, from  system engineer to team leader. This was followed by a promotion to Global Head of Client Manager at DISA, where he came into contact with RES Software for the first time. Read more.




Rob Aarts, Senior Consultant and trainer at Rob Aarts Consultancy in NL, Rob has a wide experience in IT, where he has been working as a consultant for many years now. Currently Rob has started as a freelance expert. He’s been working with RES products since Bob Janssen’s first release and he has been named RES Valuable professional for many years now. You can even meet Rob in a classroom as a RES Certified Trainer! Read more.



PaulNewton-245Paul Newton, Systems Management Engineer from Houston, Texas. Paul has over 15 years’ experience in the systems management field having worked in large and small enterprises in the broadcast, energy, healthcare, and HR outsourcing sectors. Read more.