The RESguru Cross-Country drive!

By Max Ranzau


Welcome to the cross country pages. This section of has nothing to do with the rest of the site, but is a record in progress of my trip across the states, which started Jan 28th 2012. The purpose of this trip was to relocate from Pennsylvania to California, to set up partner shop for RES out west. You can read more about it in the intro here. The trip terminated on Feb 3rd in San Francisco, where we stayed while hunting for an apartment in the area. Below you’ll find a record of our day on the road, where we’ve been, and what weird stuff we saw on the way!


On the afternoon before departure, we managed to get our apartment packed up into a U-BOX. In case you’ve got no clue what that is, it’s basically a big plywood container, which Uhaul ships for you. We decided to go with this rather than hauling a trailer 3.000 miles across the country. Given the hassle, lower speed and milage, the U-Box made perfect sense instead.


We loaded up the box at the local U-Haul place, which happened less than a half mile from our now former Philadelphia apartment. Let me share this with you; packing your whole life into a 257 cubic feet (7,3M3) box is the closest thing you’ll get to play real-life Tetris! The only difference is that unfortunately your damn moving boxes don’t disappear when you manage to line them up in a row! :-) Here’s a shot of the box when it was half way full.

Anyway, the friendly folks at U-Haul sealed up the box, and it went on it’s own way on the bed of a semi trailer. They tell us 7-10 business days before it reaches the west coast. In the mean time we cleaned up the apartment and packed the truck for departure next morning.

We had a great time at Summit Park in Philadelphia and were happy to stay there for the year. It’s a nice, safe and clean apartment community with good facilities, which we would recommend to anyone. Here’s a final couple of snapshots from before we turned in our keys and left.


You can follow the trip on the pages below.

Day 1 – Jan 28th: Philadelphia, PA > Wytheville, VA

Day 2 – Jan 29th: Wytheville > Memphis, TN

Day 3 – Jan 30th: Memphis > Clinton, OK

Day 4 – Jan 31st: Clinton > Roswell, NM

Day 5 – Feb 1st: Roswell > Tucson, AZ

Day 6 – Feb 2nd: Tucson > Redondo Beach, CA

Day 7 – Redondo Beach, CA > San Francisco, CA


Update Feb 4th: We HAVE arrived in San Francisco, on schedule yesterday. There’s a bit of lag on the blog, but I’ve finally managed to catch up. The last chapters are now online, enjoy!

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