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Patrick Kaak, Systems Engineer/Consultant Desktop and OS Delivery at Centric IT Solutions in the Netherlands.


I began my career at the supportdesk of a large dutch cable company, helping users at home through the phone. Then I followed the way to consultant desktop delivery; from packaging engineer creating MSI’s, sequencing Softgrid/App-v to creating full blown backends with Citrix Provisioning Server, XenDesktop, XenApp and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services.

Besides the backend, I’m also deploying and configuring the front-ends (fatclients, Citrix XenClient) and trying the got the best way of managing the user profiles.

I've been using RES products since 2006, and I embraced them with my heart. Almost all projects I do end up having a part of RES Software somewhere. Managing the desktop with RES Workspace Manager, deploying software with Automation Manager and automating simple management tasks.

Besides work, i’m a gadget freak, having a cleaning robot (iRobot), iPhone/iPad and picking up new consumer technology as early adopter (bluray and the failed HD-DVD). I love a good movie, listening to great music and visit a lot of theaters (cabaret, musicals, popconcerts). Last, I’m crazy about the strategic board game Carcassonne, hoping to play the big game some time, with all official expensions.

Articles by Patrick:

RG034 – User driven app-install with WM & AM

RG038 – Differences between profile managers

RG03A – AutoCreate AD Users with a Counter

RG03F – Viewing contens of UPR files

RG045 – Parsing files with RES Automation Manager

Could RES Workspace Manager have prevented the spread of the xDocCrypt Virus?



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