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Paul Newton, Systems Management Engineer

Currently I work in the Houston, Texas area as a Senior Systems Engineer on my employer’s Enterprise Virtualization and Delivery Team.

Since the early 1990’s, I have worked in many different types and sizes of environments ranging from large enterprises in the healthcare and energy sectors to small enterprises in human resources outsourcing and broadcasting sectors.  During the past 15 years, my focus has been in the desktop systems management area.

More recently I have been involved in large-scale implementation efforts surrounding Desktop Virtualization, SCCM, Operating System Deployment, AppSense, Citrix, and App-V.  While I am a relative rookie with RES products when compared to my peers here at RESguru, I have a significant amount of experience in the user profile virtualization space having implemented and used AppSense Management Suite in a large enterprise.  I will be bringing that experience and knowledge to the forefront as I author contrast and comparison articles relative to RES Workspace Manager.

When I am not computing, I am barbecuing.  I believe in low and slow, charcoal, Weber Smokey Mountain, and a frosty beverage.

Articles by Paul Newton

Appsense Desktop Now vs. RES Workspace Manager

Appsense vs. RES, round II – Shortcuts!


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