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Rob Aarts, Senior Consultant / Trainer at Rob Aarts Consultancy, The Netherlands


Rob has a wide experience in IT where he has been working as a consultant for many years now. Currently Rob started as a freelance expert. He has been working with RES Products since Bob Janssen first release and he has been named RES Valuable professional for many years now. You can even meet Rob as a (RCT) RES Certified trainer….

I started my career in 1990 as a technical communications systems engineer where i was responsible for creating many big UTP networks, after that at the same company I started at the service desk where i learned how to become a real systems administrator. After working several years as a system administrator i decided it was time to become ICT consultant at a new company.

I love being busy as a family man for my girlfriend and our two kids, but I also love being busy with RC model helicopters, Tennis, Wellness & Fitness.

Feel free to give me feedback on my articles. your feedback will help me getting the best for you!.

Thanks for your interest and enjoy the site.

Rob Aarts


Articles by Rob:

RG042 – AM Global Variables explained

RG043 – AM Dispatcher+ and WebAPI explained

RG047 – Installing HyperDrive and fixing clockdrift

RG048 – Configuring RES Hyperdrive

RG049 – Replacing the RES HyperDrive certificate

RG04B – How to set up a Maintanence Shell


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