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Sascha Maier, IT Manager at SwissCloud


Sascha Maier is the IT Manager of a managed service provider in Switzerland. Sascha has been working in IT since 1994, initially as an IT supporter. Later, he has worked at various levels, from  system engineer to team leader. This was followed by a promotion to Global Head of Client Manager at DISA, where he came into contact with RES Software for the first time. During a project with Global Implementation of RES Workspace Manager and Automation Manager in 13 locations worldwide including China, India, Denmark, Czech Republic, Switzerland, etc.

After working for DISA Sascha strived to establish RES Software on the Swiss market with his new employer ETAVIS in Zurich without success. Sascha embarked with a colleague in the company CipherTec with Headquater in Geneva to successfully establish RES Software on the Swiss market. Sascha travels for RES Software ever so often working on diverse projects throughout Germany. While doing this, Sascha has implemented medium to large-scale projects in Switzerland, for example a school in Basel with more than 2.700 Clients running Citrix XenApp, AppV, VMware and Igel Clients. Further Sascha is using Workspace Manager for several Windows 7 Migrations all over Switzerland. CipherTec started their brand, a managed Cloud Service Provider. RES Software is also used by SwissCloud in areas such Profile management to desktop as a service. Sascha has a broad IT knowledge that includes MS App-V, Terminal Server, All Windows operating systems, Citrix, VMware and more.

Articles by Sascha:

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