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This is where you can find  interesting and spooky building blocks for RES Workspace Manager (formerly known as PowerFuse), which people around here have created and shared.  If you have something to share, please email it, or post it as a comment. A word of warning though. As it is common knowledge, quality of engineering may vary. Inherently so will quality of buildingblocks. By downloading you promise to:

  • ALWAYS test foreign (i.e. not made by yourself) buildingblocks. It is recommended that you build an empty PowerFuse database, import things there and test them out.
  • NEVER import unknown buildingblocks into a production environment.
  • READ and accept the M.O.A.D.

In  other words, for you few legal sticklers out there, I will assume no liability what so ever. That was the serious bit, now on to the fun stuff. Below you’ll find the Workspace Manager buildingblocks download links.  Click on the RAR file icons (Icon, RarFile) below to download the files. Newest downloads are at the top. Below is a jump index () for your convenience. Go back to the index using the ^ links. To go directly to the detailed references and downloads, click here instead.


Add Send To Compressed Folder to context menu

Sync Center control panel applet

Grabbing everything explorer does

Set the right keyboard for the right people

Deploy and configure custom screensaver

User settings: Store root certificates

Security Authorizations Placeholder Applications

WinXP and Win7 ControlPanels

PwrGate.EXE Applications

Reset Applications to Factory settings

Internet Explorer with User Preferences and PowerLaunch

Best Practices User Registry settings

Best Practices Global authorizations

Workspace Extender demo applications

Search capability for the RES Shell start menu

Laptop Homedirectory Management

Desktop Shortcut Lockdown


Icon, RarFile Add Send To Compressed Folder to context menu

(Added Jan 10th 2011) My good friend Ton de Vries shared this buildingblock for Workspace Manager over on the RES user forum a while back. His posting can be found here. With this BB you can implement the rightclick context menu for adding stuff to a compressed (zipped) folder. This is important if you are building a managed startmenu from scratch.  ^


Icon, RarFile Sync Center control panel applet

(Added Jan 9th 2011) With this buildingblock you can provide access to personalized Syncronization for the user, while you set up the centrally configured homedrive sync and migration syncronization jobs centrally via regular Workspace Manager FolderSync. For more information, check out RG044 . ^


Icon, RarFile Grabbing everthing explorer does

(Added Dec 6th 2011) It can be difficult to ensure that you grab all the registry settings the Explorer modifies in a user session. With the input from Michel Stevelmans, I’ve put together a RES Workspace Manager buildingblock which will help you get all the settings you need. Read more about it in this post. ^


Icon, RarFile Set the right keyboard for the right people

(Added May 21st 2011) With this buildingblock you can ensure that users in different countries get the right initial keyboard layout. This is described in article RG039. ^


Icon, RarFile Deploy and configure custom screensaver

(Added Dec 6th 2010) This buildingblock contains a simple flash screensaver stored as a buildingblock and a User Registry configurationsetting to set it up correctly. This buildingblock is described in technote article RG02E. Note: Flash needs to be installed on the machine where this screensaver will run. See this Automation Manager buildingblock for more info. ^


Icon, RarFile User setting: Store root certificates

(Added Oct 9th 2010) This buildingblock contains a global user setting which will pick up user’s existing root certificates out of the certificate store in the profile. The buildingblock is based on RES KB article Q200165. It will only work on Vista/Win7/2008[R2]. On WinXP you will have to deploy root certs with GPO’s or similar. ^


Icon, RarFile Security Authorizations Placeholder Applications

(Added Apr 9th 2010) This buildinblock contains definitions of several empty managed applications. The purpose of these is to act as placeholders for security authorizations, which would otherwise be jumbled together in the Global Authorized Files list. See Technote RG026 for more information. ^


Icon, RarFile WinXP and Win7 ControlPanels

(Added Apr 9th 2010) This archive contains 3 buildingblocks with all control panel applets for Windows XP and Windows 7. A third archive contains some nice extras which may come in handy too. For the full story have a look at Technote article RG025 for further information. ^


Icon, RarFile PwrGate.EXE Applications

(Added Mar 5th 2010) This buildingblock contains definitions of 10 applications and panels which are accessible through pwrgate.exe. These include User Installed Applications, Restore UserSettings Wizard, Logoff, Printing Preferences, WorkSpace Preferences, PowerFuse Management Console, Access Management Console, Refresh Workspace, Run and PowerHelp. See article RG024 for further information on this Buildingblock. ^


Icon, RarFile Reset Applications to Factory settings

(Added Jan 16th 2010) With this buildingblock you will be able to reset one, many or all applications to which you have assigned PowerLaunch setings on launch. The idea is to give the user a reset button in his start menu, which will then “selfheal” the application(s). See RG020 for further information. ^


Icon, RarFile Internet Explorer with User Preferences and PowerLaunch

(Added Feb 26th 2009) This buildingblock was part of an old article describing how you can make PowerLaunch settings and UserPreferences work together in PowerFuse 2008. The BB contains a demo definition of a IE configured for use in a mandatory profile environment. Note: You will need to change the Access Control on each application PowerLaunch setting to match your own domain. The original article can be read here. ^


Icon, RarFile Best Practices User Registry settings

(Added Feb 21st 2009) This is another buildingblock which will help you speed up initial PowerFuse deployment by implementing some of the most common HKCU registry settings. For more information, see this posting. ^


Icon, RarFile Best Practices Global authorizations

(Added Feb 20th 2009) This buildingblock will help you get from pilot to production much faster, by implementing some best practices for security authorizations. The buildingblock contains a set of Global Authorized files which will enable the most common authorisations for Windows XP and VMware workstation. For more information, see this posting. ^


Icon, RarFile Workspace Extender demo applications

There are four applications defined inside this buildingblock, which will help you try out or demonstrate the value of the RES Workspace Extender. There is a technote available here, which covers the contens and usage of the buildingblock. ^


Icon, RarFile Search capability for the RES Shell start menu

This buildingblock will allow you to implement the Search function on the start menu of the native RES Shell in PowerFuse, as this is stripped out per default. Be sure to check the associated posting here. ^


Icon, RarFile Laptop Homedirectory Management

The laptop Homedirectory Management building block will help you setup an mixed environment with laptops, where you need to map the same homedrive, no matter if the user is offline or online. The module contains the apps, external tasks, powerzones etc. to make this work. There is a technote for this module available here. Note: New features (ability to refresh drives on refresh) in WM2010 has made this BB obsolete. ^


Icon, RarFile Desktop Shortcut Lockdown

This buildingblock contains all the items requred to set up a locked down desktop, allowing the users only to place shortcuts (*.lnk and *.url) on the PowerFuse controlled Explorer desktop. There is a technote about this buildingblock to be found here. ^

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