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Updated WM Registry Guide

iabtFrom the About-Damn-Time Dept. One of the most popular articles on RG is the Registry reference for RES Workspace Manager. Unfortunately it’s been sitting on the backburner for a while, but no more! As of this weeks release of Workspace Manager 2014 FR2, the guide has been updated with all published registry settings available from the base 2014 release notes and up to. If you come across missing or any other spooky settings, feel free to contribute in the comments section on the article.

doc-icon2<<< Click to view the WM Registry Guide.


Free RES Consultancy

Is your company a RES Software customer? Are you considering if you are getting enough out of your investment? Want to make sure you’re doing it right, and the products have been implemented as they should to suit your business needs? Have a great use-case but not sure how to best go about it?

Why not take advantage of the 15 years of RES experience through RCS and find out how you can extract even more value out of you RES software purchase. RESguru Consulting offers:

  • wbRES Environment health check
  • Tune-up / Optimizations sessions
  • Best practice audits and advisory
  • Design Q&A whiteboarding sessions
  • Technical Workshops

Reach out today to RESguru Consulting Services for a free 3-4 hour online consultation with no strings attached. Until December 31st 2014, RCS is running a global campaign for new and current RES customers. Only requirement is that you currently own RES licenses. No Software Assurance? Not a problem.

Call +1 610 462 2200 or contact to schedule your free consultation.


Welcome – A letter from the Founder

Max Ranzau (aka RESguru 1)My name is Max Ranzau. I founded as a technical blog at the end of of 2008, dedicating my time and efforts towards creating better IT solutions through use of RES Software products in the enterprise. This site is the home of RCS – RESguru Consulting Services and is one of the primary go-to places for independent information, brain-share and tools for the workspace and automation engineers across the planet. I intend to keep it just that way.

If you are a new visitor, allow me a moment to welcome you properly, by immediately dispensing with the glossy marketeering and cut to the chase:

I am here to change Enterprise IT.

I dare to guess that plenty suit & tie jobs have said similar to you over the years. Nothing more or less, it’s the best one-liner by which it can be expressed what RCS does. Fact: it is exceptionally hard to explain what exactly and completely RES Software does in one sentence, without either becoming too vague or a long winded tale. Trust me on this, the good folks at RES Software have been grappling with this conundrum over the last 15 years: Having a stellar product suite, but no quick and singular way of explaining what it does!

I’m not going to pretend I’m driving around with the tomes of messaging wisdom* in my trunk. However, that is not going to prevent me from pitching in my two cents. As I see it, there are two main avenues of putting RES technology into context:

A) Presuming you’re technically oriented:  tbox

  • Get rid of complexity in  policy management, point-solution utilities and scripting. You know as well as I, that enough of this, or  by inheriting someone else’s hand-me-down environment, you’ll be up to your eyeballs figuring out what’s going on before you can make any changes.
  • Best profile+configuration management: Microsoft’s ways of handling configuration, both central (policies) and users (profiles) haven’t changed much in 20 years. The RES Suite will make profile management work smoothly for you.
  • Automation of complex script-less tasks across the entire IT estate, independently of domains. 150+ built in graphical tasks range from the simplest of deployment/configuration items to VDI, Mobile Device Management and Helpdesk, integrating with all the major vendors.
  • Workflows can be automated. The RES Suite will allow a company to define and execute workflows for almost anything that can be given to a user. It’s all about service. I usually tell my students that you can make workflows for giving employees their phones, forklifts or PhotoShop. It doesn’t matter as you model the business in the software, define who is qualified to automatically get or request what, assign any approvals to the workflow and then tie it all into the automation and configuration management where necessary. The real strength here is that all 3 products in the RES Suite talk together.
  • Documentation: As engineers, we just love cranking it out by the page, right? That was sarcasm! We love building great solutions but creating the associated paperwork afterwards is a hassle, even if it’s billable. For admins in terms of auditing, it’s the same challenge. The RES suite can do the documentation for you.

The RES Suite is like a well-organized Swiss Army knife, with 15.000+ blades. There are loads of other things the RES suite can do for you, and hopefully you’ll get a sense of this when you browse through the Tech Library of the RESguru site. There is over 100 and counting free practical how-to articles on how to solve common everyday problems with RES technology. Have a look at the intro page here for a proper introduction and tour around the site.

brfcaseB) Presuming you are financially oriented:

  • 60% savings on current support/helpdesk/administrative load is not unheard of.
  • 90% savings on external consultants camping in your data-center for months at a time as your own staff becomes able to do most things faster on their own. These kind of numbers been reported by some of my clients.
  • 20% more users typically on a central environment – just by virtue of efficient management.
  • No doctors with flashlights were involved in obtaining the numbers above! These are based on real RES projects that I have worked over the last 15 years. Having said that, obviously your mileage may vary in accordance with what you are trying to solve.
  • Business Processes – any organization has them. If your ever move people around, hiring or firing, the IT folks are usually the last to know, resulting in a long time before new employees can do what they’re paid to or exposing the company to unnecessary risk, by not closing down access properly when someone leaves. Sometimes I encounter customers who have custom-built and rather byzantine systems in place, some may be even manual of tossing around emails or even paper forms for approvals. As long as nothing changes you can maintain status-quo, however when the business requirements change, that’s where your costs become evident.
  • Appsense. Have you been struggling with their products for too long not being able to get things to work for you as promised? Spent countless hours having consultants in and out the door on break/fix missions? It’s time to stop and look at a Real Enterprise Solution.
  • Agility: What can be stood up in a few days by a engineer proficient in RES tech, can in most cases match and trump what would take a team of engineers using classic tools and methodology several months to implement.

The above should provide you with an decent idea of what is within the realm of the possible in the RES universe. RES technology is not rocket science, it’s just good product design and common sense for the modern enterprise. Covering the entire RES Suite, RCS offers the following on all VDI platforms, TS/Citrix, Laptops, Mobile devices, Windows and Linux environments:

  • Consulting, advisory and managed service agreements for new and existing RES installations
  • Scoping and technical presales assistance to integrators
  • Design and technical architecture documentation
  • Implementations, remote and on-site.
  • Technical competitive analysis. Here is a couple of examples.
  • Training, Education and Workshops in all RES products both online and on-site. See this for details.

For information on services, rates, schedules and anything else, reach out via the contact page , or call +1 610 462 2200. I look forward to talking with you.

With best regards,

Max Ranzau


Aspen Systems and RESguru Consulting partnership

aspen-logoToday it’s my pleasure to announce a new partnership with Mike Meyer over at Aspen Systems. Mike has been in the virtualization business for as many years as I’ve been in the workspace and automation business. Recognizing our respective strengths we quickly realized there is good business to be made by combining these strengths.

This partnership will effectively allow our respective companies to offer virtualization and workspace expertise combined in north and southern California. Santa Barbara based Aspen Systems has an impressive track record delivering high quality desktop solutions based on Citrix, VMware and other virtualization technologies. RESguru Consulting, based in the San Francisco bay area, brings 15 years of implementation and training experience with RES Software technologies to the table, allowing implementation of fast and predictable managed desktop and automation solutions in the datacenter, as well as in the end-user computing environments. Together we are excited at the prospect of serving current and future clients with well proven technology to increase savings on IT and reduce complexity.

To kickstart this partnership, I’ve created the first of a series of technical articles for the Aspen Systems newsletter that will focus on different aspects of RES technology. The first article is how to use RES Automation Manager in environments where Windows Authentication is required.

doc-icon2<<< Click here to read the article on Aspen Systems’ blog.


RESguru Consulting goes live!

Hi everyone, it’s been a while. Plenty has been happening on Planet RES for the last few months, which why I’m here today to bring you a very exciting announcement. For me this year, the American independence day will have double meaning:

As of today July 1st 2014, I am launching RESguru Consulting as a  company. Specifically I am offering consulting, design, implementation and training/workshop options to anyone who is looking at RES Software automation, workspace or self-service solutions.

Having worked actively with RES products for the last 1½ decade, trained hundreds of consultants, admins and several instructors in the ways of the Force, I am now putting my services and experience at your direct disposal.

I am based in the San Francisco bay area, yet available internationally. For further information, call (+1) 610 462 2200, email or reach out via LinkedIn. See my profile page here, for a backgrounder and more information.

To everyone who’s been following and enjoying the site over the years, rest assured – all the content and goodies will stay up on and more are being added in the future.

I look forward to working with you.

Max Ranzau


Stupid spammers – Be gone!

spam-verbotenLike most other bloggers, I got hit until recently by my fair share of blog spam-comments, hoping to make it past the incredible effective spamfilters I have installed here on You, dear reader never get to bother with this crap as the filters catch most of it and nukes them appropriately. I personally can’t be bothered about it either :)

brainHowever, ever once a blue moon I take a curious look in the filters to see what’s hot in blogspam. It ain’t pretty but it sure is entertaining in a weird way: I can’t help being slightly amazed by the variations of poorly written commentary meant to show interest and flatter/threaten/annoy the blogger, in the hopes that they get one extra hit by posting a link in your website field to what ever crud they are peddeling. For some light entertainment, go have a look at the Museum of Comment Spam. and have a giggle or two. Mind you, these guys (the spammers, that is) aren’t exactly the sharpest crayons in the box…

Well, all good things have to come to a close. I made a nice little change, courtesy of a Mr. Gerard McGarry, in particular how to remove the website url field from the comment form. Nobody cares about that anyway. Net result: Presto! No more spam comments! How’dya like them’ apples, you stupid smappers! ;)


The RES Community – Now with Ninjas!

community-hero-logoFrom the Community Hero Dept. It’s been a while since I took time to look at the RES Community landscape. Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised to find that a new site came up a couple of months ago. I must admit I discovered it only by accident, through the referring sites report on my HiStats. Anyway, allow me to present a promising new site:!


Right now I actually have no clue who’s running the site, although it seems that the folks behind it know me well. I guess that’s how ninja’s roll :-) Believe me, I fully understand the value of running a site incognito initially. Half a decade ago, some marketeers here at the company did not like one bit what I was doing, hence for a while nobody knew who was behind RESguru. Fortunately those individuals are long gone and I am proud to have a fruitful and collaborative relationship with RES Marketing as of today. These folks truly understand the value of having a semi-rogue and opinionated technical blogs like RESguru in the eco-system.

@Sensei (who I gather is the editor at RESninja) –  I am truly happy to see that you folks have joined the ranks of community content providers. Good-natured competition with a bit of attitude never hurts, so I’m stoked to see you guys have “thrown the sword” and taken the challenge. I for one look forward to see what content the ninjas will bring us next!

In general – If you are a start-up tech blogger and you’re writing anything about RES technology, please reach out if you would like to have your site showcased. You don’t need to have created a truckload of material up front – basically one article is enough, as it’s the will to share RES technical knowledge that counts. I would also like to add that if you don’t have your own blog, the doors at RESguru are always open for guest writers.


Year of the Smapping Snake?

spam-verbotenFrom the Spammer DeathSquad Dept. Yeah, so the title of the blog was initially a typo, but it made me giggle a bit, so there. This article is just to vent some steam at having to occasionally clear out the gunk in the spamfilters, ranging from poodle viagra to crappy fake eastern european watches. Looking at the blog stats, 2012 was relatively quiet, but it’s clear that spamming is on the rise this year. Already by mid February ’13, we have surpassed the amount of spam attempts for last year: Read more »

RESguru Going West!

From the partially RES related dept. It finally happened! Last year RES Software’s US-resident Cowboy Viking got the marching orders to head out west, to set up shop, in what happens to be my old stomping grounds around the Bay Area. While Philadelphia and the east coast have been an interesting and rewarding experience, as the song goes; my heart never really left San Francisco. Within the year I’ve been here on the east coast, a lot of good things have happened; we’ve trained and certified partners from Toronto down to Miami, from New York to Chicago. 2011 was inded a busy year in the RES US channel.

Here in 2012, it’s now time for yours truly to head “home” and focus on getting the western US territories stood up technically. As you may have noticed, we have significantly leveraged our relationship with Citrix this year, hence I really look forward to working more with the guys in Santa Clara in the near future. This article will kick off a series of mini photo-blog articles on a separate page (book mark this), started January 28th, 2012, covering the trip from Philly to San Francisco, expected to last 6-7 days. Read more »

Happy 3rd to and welcome Rob Aarts

Today, Jan 3rd we celebrate the 3rd year of and a new staffmembers arrival. As you may recall there was a bit of controversy surrounding’s date of inception, but I’m glad this is behind us now and the usurper was silenced – at least for a while anyway :-) At this time, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank YOU, our regular readers and commentors for help in making the site what it is today. Your feedback and constructive critique has been essential to motivating myself and the other writers to continue what is essentially a labor of love.

I would also like to thank my current co-writers for providing quality content over the years. As all contributions to are on a completely voluntary basis, it’s with gratitude that I am able to publish the shared works of our regular staff, colleagues, friends and industry partners. To all of you: Thank you!

On that note, I would also like to welcome another RESguru onto the regular writer’s staff: Mr. Rob Aarts. Rob has a load of technical RES product experience which he’ll be sharing here on the ‘Guru site. His first article is about the new Global Variables in the RES Automation Manager. I’d suggest you give it a read! Rob’s bio can be found here.