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Stupid spammers – Be gone!

spam-verbotenLike most other bloggers, I got hit until recently by my fair share of blog spam-comments, hoping to make it past the incredible effective spamfilters I have installed here on You, dear reader never get to bother with this crap as the filters catch most of it and nukes them appropriately. I personally can’t be bothered about it either :)

brainHowever, ever once a blue moon I take a curious look in the filters to see what’s hot in blogspam. It ain’t pretty but it sure is entertaining in a weird way: I can’t help being slightly amazed by the variations of poorly written commentary meant to show interest and flatter/threaten/annoy the blogger, in the hopes that they get one extra hit by posting a link in your website field to what ever crud they are peddeling. For some light entertainment, go have a look at the Museum of Comment Spam. and have a giggle or two. Mind you, these guys (the spammers, that is) aren’t exactly the sharpest crayons in the box…

Well, all good things have to come to a close. I made a nice little change, courtesy of a Mr. Gerard McGarry, in particular how to remove the website url field from the comment form. Nobody cares about that anyway. Net result: Presto! No more spam comments! How’dya like them’ apples, you stupid smappers! ;)


Appsense vs. RES round II – Shortcuts!

By Paul Newton


h2hThis is the second article in a series (read #1 here), which highlights important differences between how AppSense DesktopNow and RES Workspace Manager 2012 works in practice. This time we will have an in-depth look at how simple or hard it is to create shortcuts for the users in the respective products. While it was suggested in the commentary on the previous article that I had to search for a topic where RES Workspace Manager had the biggest difference to AppSense DesktopNow, I assure you that this was not the case: There are plenty of other examples waiting to be written and we’re just getting started… Click below to read article #2 in this series.

doc-icon2 <<< Click here to read RG058

Appsense vs RES article series

TheEditorEditor’s introduction: I have the pleasure today of welcoming Paul Newton as a guest writer here at! Paul has been in IT for 20 years, with the last 15 years spent in the systems management area. Paul is experienced with AppSense, SCCM, AdminStudio, App-V, Citrix and of course RES Software. He has worked in several large and medium sized enterprises in healthcare, energy, and broadcasting.

In the following article, Paul touches on an interesting subject which is sure to get the attention of the usual suspects ;) Over the years, there’s been a couple of more or less useful comparisons between what the merry folks respectively at AppSense and RES Software do, when it comes to managing the user’s persona/profile/environment/workspace (take your pick). The problem with most comparisons is that they basically end up just being a longwinded list of check boxes of who can do what.

The inherent problem with said approach is this: Whoever “dares” to create such a checkbox comparison sheet between any two or more competing vendors, is likely to have at least two vendors breathing down their neck, as the vendors all essentially want to look their best and have every last darn checkbox filled. For a long time, I’ve been advocating another approach: Presuming Vendor X and Vendor Y’s product can do the same things overall – logically the focus must shift from what CAN be done to HOW IT IS DONE.

As for vendor marketeers, this approach is obviously a lot tougher to deal with, especially if your product interface generally speaking is weak, unstructured or down right complicated to use. For the record, I am not referring to any particular vendor indirectly here – these are plain and objective terms to meter by. Of course it is any vendors prerogative to protest that things aren’t being done right, if there is an easier way that has been overlooked. Either way, this cuts the non-technical muglers out of the discussion, so us folks on the factory floor, the engineers can better figure out what product we want to use and recommend.

This is exactly the approach Paul Newton has taken in this article series, which has been moved to the Techlibrary. Let us hand it over to Paul from here: Click below to read the articles:

doc-icon2<<< Part 1: Drivemappings

doc-icon2<<< Part 2: Desktop shortcuts


Meet Bob the Architect

presentFrom the Packaging Dept. As the self-appointed CPO (Crappy Photoshop Officer) of RES Software, here’s a little Christmas present from all of me to all of you out there making RES technology a success every day. Where some of us from the old days nicknamed the good Mr. Janssen; “Bob the Builder“, I think it’s about time we amp up the story and give proper credit where it’s due: (click to enlarge)


If you have less than no clue what this is about, you need to lock yourself in a room over the holidays with a comfy chair and a Matrix box set – and don’t come out until you find this funny! ;-)

Fan-Art for Evil Geniuses

From the Why-So-Serious Dept. Cleaning up my harddrive, I stumbled over these old gems and decided it would be a damn shame not to share them just for the giggles. We all work hard so let's take a time-out and have a bit of fun. I created these as a spoof, using the old Ellen Feiss apple/switch commercials as the template. Aaaand – just for the record before anyone gets out of their chair and cries bloody murder; this is Fan Art and nothing else! All images, characters and logos, underwear and dental floss are copyright of their respective owners. Besides, nobody in their right mind in Marketing would approve this as official material. As I tell my students in class – that's why Max is not in Marketing in the first place ;-) Now let's just have a bit of fun. Enjoy!

PS: Try to avoid reading in the voice of the respective villain, I dare you! :)

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RESguru Going West!

From the partially RES related dept. It finally happened! Last year RES Software’s US-resident Cowboy Viking got the marching orders to head out west, to set up shop, in what happens to be my old stomping grounds around the Bay Area. While Philadelphia and the east coast have been an interesting and rewarding experience, as the song goes; my heart never really left San Francisco. Within the year I’ve been here on the east coast, a lot of good things have happened; we’ve trained and certified partners from Toronto down to Miami, from New York to Chicago. 2011 was inded a busy year in the RES US channel.

Here in 2012, it’s now time for yours truly to head “home” and focus on getting the western US territories stood up technically. As you may have noticed, we have significantly leveraged our relationship with Citrix this year, hence I really look forward to working more with the guys in Santa Clara in the near future. This article will kick off a series of mini photo-blog articles on a separate page (book mark this), started January 28th, 2012, covering the trip from Philly to San Francisco, expected to last 6-7 days. Read more »

0xFF, Lies and Virtual Apps

From the Read-Between-The-Lines Department. Okay, so I got your undivided attention by tweaking an old movie title, didn’t I? Amazing. It seems a strategic lie here and there is all it takes to get peoples attention these days and maybe also their money – I figure I’d give the attention part a try with the headline! :-) The irony is that Lies and Virtual Applications is exactly what’s at the heart of today’s article. Interested? Read more »

Get AM and WM trained in Ft. Lauderdale / November

From the RES Tech Training Dept. Are you a new or prospective RES partner in the United States? Need to get trained in a RES product? Missed the recent invite? Then keep reading, this article is for you then!

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When a “brilliant” idea backfires…

From the Why-do-I-even-bother-with-these-fools Dept. Since the beginning of the week, several partners emailed me to ask if I’d seen a posting by some marketing dude over at the usual suspects. Lately they’ve been vying so hard for my attention, that it would be a shame not to humor our regular readers with a proper rebuttal – especially when one can pull the pants of said stuffed marketing suit in one swift article. Gareth, I don’t know who you are mate, and I frankly couldn’t care less. But you gave me a total Jon Stewart Moment when I read your article. So, sit back, take a deep breath and enjoy…

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RES at Citrix ServTech 2011

From the Alliance Partner dept. Wednesday last week, together with a handful of good colleagues, I had the pleasure of presenting for about 300 SE’s at Citrix ServTech 2011 in Santa Clara, California. This is an internal event which Citrix does every year, to update their own folks on the latest and greatest. As a Citrix Ready Leadership partner, RES Software was invited to show off our stuff and explain how we can help Citrix’s field engineers speed up XenApp/XenDesktop Proof-of-Concepts installations. As the whole notion of profile management is a moot point at that stage,  I explained how Automation Manager can roll out an entire Xenapp farm straight from a consultant’s own laptop and showed as an example how our Automation Manager can roll out hotfixes in a matter of minutes. Here’s a few snaps we took during the event (click to enlarge):


Overall it was a great day. Presentations and demo went well, feedback was great, and the ensuing Pool & Cigar party at the Hyatt was awesome! BTW: Just when I thought the day couldn’t get any better,  the CTO of a certain UK based competitor, made his way out of the building as we walked in. Seeing us, the look on his face was priceless! ;-)

Anyway, to make sure this article still holds technical relevance, I’m sharing the actual Building Block for RES Automation Manager that I built during the live demo at ServTech. As mentioned above, this buildingblock installs all current XenApp 6 hotfixes, valid as of August 10th 2011. The list was based on the CTX129229 KB article. I’ve pimped the module a bit with some nice commentary since then, but besides that it’s the very same block:

Click the brick to download the AM BuildingBlock (60MB, faster mirror here)

Note: To the Citrix SE’s who are reading this: Just go to the RES Download page and grab a copy of Automation Manager (you’ll need to enter a few details, but you’ll get the package immediately) Before you install it, you will need a database server. In case you’re not running a server OS on your laptop, consider MySQL or SQL Express.

Finally I want to send thanks to all our friends over at Citrix Systems for hosting us. I look forward to training with you soon! Be sure also to check the good Mr. Donahue’s article on the RES Blog, for more impressions, pictures etc.