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Fixing a Linux AM agent install problem

Animated, Gears, boxFrom the Mostly Nuts (and bolts)bat-tux Dept. Recently I was messing around with getting the RES Automation Manager SR3 Linux agent (res-am-6.5-3.125079.tgz) installed on a Redhat Enterprise 6.2. However, aparently some crypto libraries were missing. The following linked article shows you how to easily fix this problem, even if you’re not 100% Linux savvy.

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Automation Manager SR2 – All the details

By Max Ranzau

From the There-we-fixed-it Dept. I guess this is one of the few downsides of living on the California coastline – the bloody 9 hour time diff to Europe! So while I certainly can't be the first to tell you about breaking RES news, I can at least fill in the blanks. Just think of me as Wolf Blitzer in his pyjamas :-) Aaaanyway, today RES Software released the Service Release 2 of Automation Manager 2012. This update and full installers can be downloaded from the RES Support Portal as usual. So what's in the box then? Well, besides the usual staple of fixes there's a handful of interesting enhancements:

  • Conditions in AM now support for Windows 8 and Server 2012.
  • Just like Worksspace Manager which can fill in it's tables into a pre-existing, empty database, AM can now do the same. This is great for situations where you are fresh out of bullets and the onsite DBA won't let you create a datastore for your pilot.
  • Finally AM now also has uppercase and lowercase functions. These are now known as @UPPER[()] and @LOWER[()]
  • A new global setting has been created to disable/enable the existing RunbookWho functionality. This setitng and associated $[runbookwho] parameter was created earlier to allow you to specify at scheduling what agent(s) should execute the runbook. See the releasenotes for further details.
  • The exchange mailbox task has been updated to support creating alternative email addresses on Exchange 2010 which stores these on the Exchange server and not in Active Directory as previously.

For more information, have a look at the releasenotes here:


New Technote: Dispatcher+ and WebAPI

From the Technotes-R-Us Dept. With the Automation Manager 2012 currently available as RC2, a RESguru article describing the nuts, bolts and registry settings of the new Dispatcher+ has been overdue for a while. To the rescue comes Rob Aarts with a great article, which explains the ins and outs of the new dispatcher component. Also covered in the article is the Master Dispatcher/Cache feature. The most important registry settings to tweak the behavior of the Dispatcher are also covered. Finally the article also covers the new WebAPI for Automation Manager.

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