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VDX Online Test Drive

Today, I have an exciting new online tool to announce to you. RES Customers and partners can now try RES VDX in an free cloud-based test environment . This online testdrive site allows users to evaluate the capabilities of RES Virtual Desktop Extender with their own computer as a remote desktop client. If you are new to the whole VDX thing, go have a look at this article. In order to try it, a couple of things are needed:

  • On the testdrive landing page you’ll need to enter your contact details. An email with a link will be sent to the address you provide.
  • You need IE6 for this service (Sorry, it seems the launch interface from does not support FireFox or Chrome at the moment)
  • If you don’t have it already, install the Citrix ICA Client plugin.
  • Last but not least, install the VDX client plugin. Both plugins are available for download on the demo page also.

In essence with this testdrive option, users can try RES VDX, allowing users to evaluate the product in a sandbox environment in the cloud. This makes evaluating our software faster and easier. I’m told that if this online test drive is successful, we will create online test drives for our other products as well, so be sure to give the good folks of Product Management some good feedback on this! Once you’re logged in, follow the onsite tutorial instructions to take VDX for a spin.

The registration form for the Online Test Drive can be found here. Enjoy!


Integrating VDX and Quest vWorkspace

From the RES Community Hero dept. A new blog, VDI Rants and Raves has seen the light of day. One of the first articles directly addresses how you can combine RES Software’s Virtual Desktop Extender (aka VDX) with Quest’s vWorkspace. For obvious reason I’d like to have seen an integration with RES Workspace Manager, but on the other hand where would the fun be in that? :-) There is no challenge in that as WM+VDX works nicely out of the box.

As I commented on the new article itself, it’s really cool to see folks out there tweaking our stuff in ways we’ve yet to imagine, even if it’s working in collaboration with competing products. I’m hoping we’ll see more articles from this yet unknown author related to our technology. In the meantime, I’ve added this blog to the Places We Like list on RESguru. Keep up the great work, good sir!

Go here to read the full article

New Intel-RES Whitepaper

From the VDX Inside dept. On behalf of my good colleague Jeff Fisher, I would like to share with you all a new whitepaper which was joint developed by Intel Corporation and RES Software.The paper highlights the value add of RES VDX, when dealing with the challenges of deploying server-based VDI.  Intel has been running a campaign around “Intelligent Client” for a while now, with the goal of evangelizing a hybrid approach to Desktop Virtualization. Clearly Intel as well as RES Software believes that one size doesn’t fit all. As a consequence Intel has created messaging which states (and I happen to agree with this), that although there is a time and place for VDI in the enterprise, a wholesale move to this kind of environment doesn’t make sense because it ignores increasingly capable rich endpoints.

Obviously, this is a great fit with RES Software’s VDX technology and Intel has been working with it for around 6 months now.  They are showcasing VDX in a number of demo environments, including their client virtualization lab in Folsom, CA, which is often visited by Intel enterprise business development managers and their customers. As a result, Intel have started a joint effort with RES Software around VDX and Intelligent Client which so far has seen us included in both a media event they held about a month ago (see Jeff’s post here), a Cloud Builder event that we attended last month in Belgium and now, a published white paper that I’ve attached for your use. The whitepaper contains some very interesting benchmark numbers to contemplate.

You can download the whitepaper right here:

Eli Khnaser on User Workspace Virtualization

From the Community Hero dept: Thursday this week, my good buddy Eli over at Artemis in Windy City, posted an excellent article on RES Workspace Manager and VDX. Go have a look at the article right here. Keep up the great work man!

Making sense of Subscribers, Extenders and VDX

From the Confucius dept. In the RES product portfolio you may have come across terms and names such as Subscriber, Subscriber Agent, Workspace Extender etc. and wonder what the heck it all means. While I’ve done my best to document these products and components in the RESpedia, it is time to set the record straight and give you a shortcut to the big picture. Through this article, it is my ambition to give you an easy overview of what each of these items are, and understand the differences. You will find a brief history of the products that eventually led to the development of the VDX product…

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Two new VDX technotes

From the Technotes-R-Us Dept. At the release of RES VDX on Febuary 14th 2011, RES Software put up a nice intro site where you can see the Virtual Desktop eXtender in action and learn how easy it is to install it. VDX is literaly up and running in minutes! Go have a look, see the intro video, download VDX and try for yourself! In these two articles, I’ve popped the hood on the product in order to go deep into the technology, to share some additional addtional details on how it works. The second article, RG032 covers the registry, including how to set up a trace log for VDX for debugging purposes.

<<< Click here to read RG033 about how VDX works.

<<< Click here to read RG032 about the VDX registry settings.

TechPreview of Stand-Alone VDX available

From the new hotness department. Today, December 6 2010 – RES Product Management announced the preview availability of a the long anticipated RES Virtual Desktop Extender aka. VDX. The VDX product allows you to add Reverse Seamless Publishing capability to any TS/Citrix/VDI environment.

The cool bit is that this release is a stand-alone version, which means you do not need to have the RES Workspace Manager installed in the datacenter end of things. The preview is available to current partners and customers though the support portal. Just log in with your credentials and browse the treeview, where you will find it at the bottom as shown here.

As mentioned, the current tech preview demos the stand-alone capability. An RC is expected to be released mid Jan, which will have optional integration capability with RES Workspace manager.

Note1: The techpreview expires on March 1st 2011, so expect to see reviews of this stuff soon.

Note2:  If you are not a current customer/partner of RES, please contact the friendly folks in sales and let them know that you are interested in VDX.