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Updated WM Registry Guide

iabtFrom the About-Damn-Time Dept. One of the most popular articles on RG is the Registry reference for RES Workspace Manager. Unfortunately it’s been sitting on the backburner for a while, but no more! As of this weeks release of Workspace Manager 2014 FR2, the guide has been updated with all published registry settings available from the base 2014 release notes and up to. If you come across missing or any other spooky settings, feel free to contribute in the comments section on the article.

doc-icon2<<< Click to view the WM Registry Guide.


New technote: Guide to Environment Variables

Animated, Gears, boxFrom the WhereDoesHeGetThoseWonderFulToys Dept. It took a while to get the whole thing stood up, but here it is, a complete and current (as of Workspace Manager 2012 SR2) overview of all RES Environment Variables. The guide also covers known system environment variables and references how these tie into a RES managed environment. Finally the guide also includes buildingblocks a couple of small diagnostic tools that will show the current values of the variables within a session, without using nor exposing the Command Prompt to the users. Enjoy!

doc-icon2 <<< Click here to open the Guide.

4 new registry tweaks for Workspace Manager

registry-gFrom the Nuts & Bolts Dept. As the RES WorkspaceManager Updatepack 6 has been finished, we took the time to trawl through the release notes to see what’s been fixed. As always please remember: The RES update packs are not available for direct download and have not been fully regression tested like a Service Release is. You can request these from RES Support if you believe you are affected by one or more of the issues, or if Support recommends you to apply an updatepack. Updatepack 6 contains some rather nifty registry settings, which you can check out here in the one and only WM Registry Guide:

doc-icon2<<< Click here to view the latest registry tweaks in the guide.

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New Reference Architecture doc for WM

scrollFrom the Document Division. Those following me on twitter (@RESguru) saw yesterday the release of the Reference Architechture document for RES Workspace Manager. This document is interesting as it covers many of the questions our partners and customersreswm-solutionscope have had in regards to best practices, the Relay Server, diskspace consumption and bandwidth usage. The document also covers the complete solution scope, making it easier to understand where RES Workspace Manager fits in.

The document can be downloaded here: pdffile 


0xFF, Lies and Virtual Apps

From the Read-Between-The-Lines Department. Okay, so I got your undivided attention by tweaking an old movie title, didn’t I? Amazing. It seems a strategic lie here and there is all it takes to get peoples attention these days and maybe also their money – I figure I’d give the attention part a try with the headline! :-) The irony is that Lies and Virtual Applications is exactly what’s at the heart of today’s article. Interested? Read more »

New Technical Videos!

From the Video dept. Here on the last day of the year, I am proud to present to you a set of new videos which has been produced by RES Software’s very own Swedish Master Chef :-), Mr. Patrik Zander. In these videos you can gain first hand experience with ITaaS (IT as a Service), the Zero Profile technology of Workspace Manager, and a really great primer on what User Workspace Management is all about. In addition to these 3 presentations, Patrik has also created a tuturial on setting up Zero Profiling.

All the mentioned videos are available here, in the RESguru VideoVault, mouse over the video previews below and click the one you want to watch:

Oh, and happy new year! That’s it! I’m not gonna blog anymore in 2010! :-)

Workspace eBook

From the old hats dept. Okay, so this is not exactly hot off the press, as it’s been sitting there for a while. However I thought I’d make you aware of this ebook, if you haven’t stubled over it already. A while back a friend of RES Software, Mr. Greg Shields of Denver, Colorado has written an interesting e-book called The Shortcut Guide to User Workspace Management.

Go check it out here

New techote: Guide to PowerFuse registry settings

From the technote department. A new article RG02B has been posted to the Technote Library. This is a massive guide built from scratch, containing info on known registry settings which can be used to tweak the behavior of RES PowerFuse. The article currently has 35+ interesting settings which have been discovered reading through tonnes of documentation, releasenotes and the backs of cereal boxes. As more registry settings are discovered, they will be added to this reference document.

Click here to read the article