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Harry Potter and the XenClient 2.1

While Hollywood probably aren’t adopting said title just yet, there’s definitely some Practical Magic to be shared here. A couple of months back, my old partner-in-crime, British RES Wizard Mr. Grant Tiller, created a pretty cool video. In one swift go, it shows all the goodness there’s to be had with the Citrix XenClient in combination with RES Workspace Manager, Automation Mananger, and the Service Orchestration Module. All in less than 11 minutes. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can still catch it here.

I’d recommend you to watch this one, as it will be well worth your time. The good folks over at Citrix did so already, and highlighted it in their announcement of the XenClient 2.1 release last week. Read more »

Presenting RES Online Learning

From the selfstudy dept. Last week RES Software opened up a brand new website, RES Online Learning, which will help you both get started with RES technology. The site consists of A LOT of video material that will let you learn in more detail how to wrangle both the RES Workspace Manager and RES Automation Manager. All the videos are posted on a dedicated YouTube channel, but I highly recommend using the Online Learning website, where you can track your own progress as you work through the material. As of now there are 60+ videos to chomp through. The site is free to use and can be found at

RESguru on Citrix TV

From the Bollywood dept. During Citrix Synergy 2011 in San Fransisco, I was interviewed by the nice folks from Citrix, who wanted to learn a bit more about the whole concept of Desktop Tranformation. Since RES Software coined the phrase back in 2009 we’ve been actively developing solutions for transforming an existing [RES]unmanaged desktop environment into a fully managed, predictable, consistent and documented workspace. We started all this with the built-in Desktop Sampler and the Workspace Designer back in the 2010 release. Since then the Desktop Sampler has been vastly improved, but as something new. July 1st 2011 RES Software is launching the Baseline Desktop Analyzer as a FREE reporting service,  I have already written a detailed article about it here. In the meantime have a look at the Citrix TV interview below:

Technote: All about the Baseline Desktop Analyzer

This article was written on Saturday last week after Citrix Synergy. Wow..! That’s simply the best I can currently can come up with, as I’m unwinding at the Gloria Ferrer vineyard with my better half in Sonoma, enjoying a bottle of ’99 Carneros Cuvée, after an intense week of Synergy 2011. If you follow my tweets, or have read Bill’s post-synergy article, you’ll know we had an overwhelming response to our booth demos and the brand spankin’ new Baseline Desktop Analyzer cloud-service, which will be available for FREE July 1st. During Citrix Synergy, my buddy Gabe Knuth from TechTarget tracked me down for an interview to get the scoop on this new offering. You can see the interview in details by clicking on the video above.

Parts of the video demo may be slightly hard to see, so let us dive a bit more into the Baseline Desktop Analyzer, or BDA as we refer to it shorthand. It’s essentially a free service to give customers and integrators the ultimate overview of the current state of affairs in their IT environments before embarking onto new projects. It doesn’t matter if it’s WinXP->Win7 migration, Physical to VDI, XenDesktop, XenApp, VMware View etc. The situation is a bit like navigation on the high seas: Where ever you are going, you need to get your bearings before you set sail in any direction.

To better prepare yourself for the journey and using DBA, you’ll do well by studying this article. Click here to read it.

The VDI Project

From the ROTFL dept. From the twisted yet hilarious mind of Ed Webster, here’s a little creation I’d like to share with you. If you are an Admin, see if you can recognize yourself in this story. Enjoy! :-)


New Technical Videos!

From the Video dept. Here on the last day of the year, I am proud to present to you a set of new videos which has been produced by RES Software’s very own Swedish Master Chef :-), Mr. Patrik Zander. In these videos you can gain first hand experience with ITaaS (IT as a Service), the Zero Profile technology of Workspace Manager, and a really great primer on what User Workspace Management is all about. In addition to these 3 presentations, Patrik has also created a tuturial on setting up Zero Profiling.

All the mentioned videos are available here, in the RESguru VideoVault, mouse over the video previews below and click the one you want to watch:

Oh, and happy new year! That’s it! I’m not gonna blog anymore in 2010! :-)