The mother of all Disclaimers disclaimer / Legal caveat

None of this has anything to do with any of us. Someone else is responsible for the entire thing, and we have no idea who or why. We do not know anything about it. It may be alien life forms for all we know. We haven’t got a clue. You cannot blame us, the writers at, nor anyone else for anything that may result from your visit at That was entirely your own personal choice, made by you of your own volition, and without our knowledge. We do not, after all, have any control over you and cannot by any stretch of the imagination be expected to accept or acknowledge, be it legally or morally, any accountability for decisions made by you on an independent basis, utilizing your own free will, and without our intervention. We are therefore in no way, shape, or form answerable to anyone for any consequences arising from the aforementioned or indeed any other actions, similar or otherwise, because it was not us that did, or did not do anything. It is not even remotely our fault, and we are in no way prepared nor willing to accept any liability, not even slightly. Ever. We are, in fact completely and utterly blameless, in that it is definitely not our concern, and no blame can possibly be laid at our doorsteps, even if we have such, the possession of which we hereby reserve as being entirely our own free choice. The onus is not on us at all, and furthermore, never has been. The entire matter is wholly beyond our control, and completely out of our hands, each of which are washed scrupulously clean of the whole business. We are not accountable for anything at all, and we hereby categorically deny all responsibility for all that has ever, or will ever happen. Our innocence is therefore wholly beyond doubt and absolutely unimpeachable, and so cannot, under even the remotest or unlikeliest circumstances, be brought into question. By clicking either on a link on this site, clicking on a link that leads to this site, or by arriving at this site by natural or supernatural means, you are in effect accepting responsibility for the fact that it is all entirely your own fault, down to the most miniscule detail, and that you are wholly accountable for whatever outcome may arise as a consequence of the aforementioned action or actions insofar as they were undertaken personally by you on an entirely voluntary basis and without any persuasion, coercion or influence from any party or parties other than yourself. Don’t come sniveling to us, we are only figments of your imagination. You also agree that if you ever are with a contributing author to this website during mealtimes, you agree to pay for any super-sizing of their meal, or at least a nice dessert or one of those foo-foo drinks with an umbrella or a monkey.

By admitting to have seen the worthless spineless drivel on this website (also known as content), You Agree Wholeheartedly and Without Reservation to the above. (Except perhaps for that part about the monkey)

All Your Base Are Belong To Us!

Soylent Green Is People!

Never make a bet with a Sicilian when Death is on the Line!

All kidding aside, you do agree.


PS: I blatantly copied and tweaked Roy’s super disclaimer over at, as it left me ROTFL

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