movie-reelOver the past years, I’ve found many nice videos on YouTube and other places, which explains a lot about what the RES products are, what they do, and how it all works. Due to the recent (and expected near future) surge in videos being posted all over the place, I’ve decided to restructure the Video Vault into four new sections. More videos are constantly in production, so stay tuned!  To the authors, great work guys and gals! Please keep up the awesome work (and record in HD where possible! :)

Note1: I managed to find a nice WordPress youtube embedded player plugin which is HD compatible. For the best viewing experience, when you see the HD resolution available, be sure to click the fullscreen button () in the lower right hand corner of the player windows. There seems to be an issue with x64 FireFox 4, but just click on the video to be taken to the Youtube site where you can see the clips. Enjoy!

Note2: As of May 20th, RES has now launched a video gallery also! Great stuff. While it doesn’t contain all the videos accumulated around here, make sure to check it out as it may be more frequently updated than the RESguru Videovault. Visit the site here.

RES Online Learning Center. This YouTube Channel is part of a new Online Learning site, launched by RES Software in August 2011. It has all the RES tutorial/selfstudy video material you could wish for. For more info see this posting.

Technical Presentations – This section covers all technical presentations currently available on Youtube and other streamed medias. These presentations are mostly recorded at tradeshow events and other venues.

Tutorial videos – The common topic of these videos is to teach you how to do something specific with a RES product. Many of these videos have been created by the RES Software department, so there’s good opportunity to learn from the experts here!

Commercial videos – This section contains all commercial presentations, commercials and other non-technical items. This a great place to learn what dynamic workspace management is all about and catch the latest videoblogs.

Legacy videos – These are older videos which were created prior to PowerFuse 2010. These do however still bear relevance as they contain alot of very usefull how-to information, althought the consoles have changed somewhat.

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