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This section of the Video Vault is dedicated to the commercial videos which have been created by RES Marketing, RES employees or partners. Here you may find valuable high-level strategic information, commercials, or just plain fun. Remember: If you have a RES related video you would like to share with the community, drop me a mail here (remove the nospam prefix) and I’ll post it. As usual all newer videos are to be found at the top.

Recent updates

Managing Citrix Flexcast with RES Dynamic Desktop Studio – By RES Software (Added May 6th 2011). This is a preview/sneakpeek of good things to come.. Join Citrix RES Software at Synergy 2011 in San Fransisco on May 24-26th to see how this stuff works. More info here.


The Road to Dynamic IT – By Ole-Kristian Sivertsen @ RES Software (Added Feb 5th 2011). This is a whiteboard session on Context-Aware Dynamic Desktops and Automation. Be sure to watch this one in HD.

IT Insight: Making Your Desktop Environment Future-Ready and Prepared For Change – By Lorena C @ RES Software (Added  Jan 30th 2011). In this video Lorena explains how to make your desktop environment future-ready and prepared for change.

Current videos

Empowering IT users through Personalization – By Ole-Kristian Sivertsen @ RES Software (Added Jan 26th 2011). In this video Ole explains how to address the conflict between the IT departments needs for standardization vs. the users need for personalisaton.

How RES Virtual Desktop Extender works with VMware View – By RES Software (Added December 1st). FINALLY! A nice video that explains how reverse seamless application integration works with VMware

How RES Virtual Desktop Extender Improves Citrix XenDesktop Environments – By RES Software (Added October 29th). This video is essentially identical to the video above, except the wording is changed to match the lingo of the XenApp/Xen Desktop environments.

Interview with Jeff Fisher at Citrix Synergy 2010 Berlin – By Citrix TV (Added Oct 29th). Jeff talks about how RES Software’s partnership with Citrix and how workspace management fits into Citrix’s flexcast model.

Interview with Bob Janssen at Citrix Synergy 2010 Berlin – By Citrix TV (Added Oct 29th). Bob explains the basics of our product line and how it fits with Citrix.

RES Software Celebrates at Citrix Synergy Berlin – By RES Software (Added October 29th). Here’s how things looked at the RES Software booth at Synergy.

Overview of the new RES products – By RES Marketing (Added Oct 5th 2010). This 30 second video will give you a clear overview of the new productnames and how everything fits together.

Introduction to the channel – By Eric Nicolai @ RES (Added Oct 2nd 2010). Here Eric gives a first hand overview of what has been going on up until launch day.

Dynamic Desktops – in less than 4 minutes! – By Ole Sivertsen @ RES (added Sept 27th 2010)

Change Ahead – What about the users? – By Ole Sivertsen @ RES (added Sept. 22nd 2010). Nice story, take the time to listen to this one :-)

Transition to Windows 7 and Adoption of VDI – By Ole Sivertsen @ RES (added Sept. 20th 2010)

Virtualization and Service Automation Part1 – By Allan Andersen @ CA Technologies. This was recorded at CA World in Las Vegas, where Allan Andersen together with Bob de Kousemaeker from RES presented. The second part of this presentation will be posted soon.

It’s all about Context – By RES Software @ Citrix TV. It’s pretty obvious the guys and gals in Philly had fun creating this one :-)

RES Software Lights Up Personal Desktops on Windows 7 – By USISVDE (Added 22nd Apr 2010) CTO Bob Janssen of RES Software explains why his company supports the light up features in Windows 7, including Jump Lists. He describes what his company does to move user functionality from Windows XP.

RES Software Stores Desktop Profiles on SQL Azure – Bu USISVDE (Added 22nd Apr 2010). This is another video by the Microsoft ISV Evangelism Team. Note: To be perfectly splitting hairs here, actually it’s config and log data which is stored in the datastore. User Settings are stored in the user’s home directory.

RES PowerFuse 2010 – What’s New – By RES Software. A RES Marketing video update on what’s new in PowerFuse 2010, especially focussing on dynamic workspaces.

Migrating to Windows 7 – By RES Software. Workspace Solutions #1. In this video we look at the challenges of moving from one operating system to the next, and how RES PowerFuse will help move settings along.

User Workspace Management made easy! – By RES Software. Workspace Solutions #2. This is the video featuring “Lisa”, where we see how her dynamic workspace changes according to where she is, what time it is and so on

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