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This section of the Video Vault contains tech presentations of RES Software products at various events around the world. Here we literaly show the nuts and bolts of the products and what they can do. If you have a RES related video you would like to share with the community, drop me an email here (remove the nospam prefix) and I’ll post it. As usual all newer videos are to be found at the top.


Recent updates


Yours Truely explaining the Baseline Desktop Analyzer on Citrix TV (Added Aug 14th 2011) By Citrix TV. At Citrix Synergy 2011 in San Fransisco I demo’ed the RES Baseline Desktop Analyzer service which is being provided free of charge.

RES VDX and VMware View 4 with PCoIP – (Added Mar 20th 2011) By Bob Kous, Product Manager at @ RES Software. This video demonstrates RES Virtual Desktop Extender and VMware View together.


A Hands on Look At RES Virtual Desktop Extender – (Added Mar 3rd 2011) By Piaget Jenkins, Support Engineer @ RES Software. On February 15th RES Software announced the shipping of the RES Virtual Desktop Extender, or VDX. This is the official corporate demo of the product.


Current videos

VDX – Virtual Desktop eXtender – (Added Feb 14th 2011) By Patrik Zander, Sr. Sales Engineer @ RES Software. In this demonstration, Patrik shows how the VDX technology works. You will see how the Workspace Extender will allow you to integrate rich media into a remote desktop, being delivered by Terminal Server, Citrix, etc.  The associated blog article can be found here.


Dynamic Workspace – Take your settings with you – (Added Feb 7th 2011) By Michel Helderman over at IT-Concern B.V. This video shows Workspace Manager 2011 in action, where Zero Profile technology ensures instant transistion of User Settings from a Win 7 Laptop to a Citrix Xenapp 6 environment, while both are logged on.


How to enforce Separation of Duties in a Windows Server environment (Added Jan 24th 2011) By Patrik Zander, Sr. Sales Engineer @ RES Software. This video demonstrates  Service Orchestration, available with the RES Automation Manager. In this demo Patrik shows how one can request and ensure aproval of elevation of administrative rights in order to perform certain duties. There is a full article about this video available on Patrik’s blog here.


User Workspace Management Explained – (Added Dec 31st 2010) By Patrik Zander, Sr. Sales Engineer @ RES Software. In this whiteboard session, Patrik explains in simple terms how a user workspace is built and managed.


Zero Profile Technology Demo – (Added Dec 31st 2010) By Patrik Zander, Sr. Sales Engineer @ RES Software. This video is a whiteboard session that explains in detail how RES’s Zero Profile Technology works in detail. The whiteboard session is followed by a demo.


IT as a Service through Dynamic Desktops – (Added Dec 31st 2010) By Patrik Zander, Sr. Sales Engineer @ RES Software. Learn how ITaaS is not some long-winded babble from expensive consultants. This is the real stuff! In this most excellent video, Patrik demonstrates how a business flow can be Orchestrated around creating new employees:


RES Software makes the Desktop Dynamic – By Citrix TV @ Synergy 2010, Berlin. Bob Janssen, CTO and founder of RES Software explains the concept of the Dynamic Desktop.


The Ultimate Profile Solution – By Bob Janssen @ VMworld 2010 SF. Note: This video was recorded with a flipcam at the convention center, so there is unfortunatly a fair deal of background noise on this one. Still very interesting video.


PowerFuse Alerting and Workspace Analysis – Max Ranzau @ Briforum 2010 Chicago. Yours truely at the RES Software booth (before the big logo-change) In this video, I’m demonstrating user workspace management and some practical applications of using the alerting feature in Workspace Manager.


Transforming desktops into dynamic workspaces – By Bob Janssen @ MMS 2010. Note: this video is hosted on a seperate page here, as it is broken into 14 pieces due to Youtube’s HD size constraint.

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