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New technote: Fixing a Wisdom agent uninstall issue

From the we’ve-got-plenty-more-where-that-came-from dept. Another technote, RG028 has been posted in the RESguru technote library. Playing around (maybe a bit rough :) with my Wisdom lab, I managed to mess up a target computer, where the Wisdom agent quite simply refused to uinstall. I decided to investigate and figure out a generic approach to cleaning out an agent completely. Hopefully you will never need to do this, as the Wisdom agent normally uninstalls clean and nice, but hey things sometimes go bump in the  night, and this is how to deal with it.

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Cleaning out the Wisdom agent completely

Here’s a bit of info which may come in handy for those of you who spend a lot of time cloning machines and contemplating using Wisdom to manage the clones. As you may know, there are 3 methods in RES Wisdom for identifying the agent:

  1. Using the WUID option
  2. The MAC address of the first NIC and
  3. 3) a combo of the computername and domain name.

In an environment where cloning is performed, using option 1 is not recommended as it may lead you to agents disapearing from the Wisdom console. This is due to the fact that the WUID is written into the HKLM portion of the registry, hence it will be part of the image. This is why we usually recommend either using MAC address or domain+computername as the Agent identification method here

When you uninstall the Wisdom Agent, it’s a quite clean operation. However the WUID value will remain on the target machine when you uninstall it. Although this is per design, it may have some unforseen consequences if you are in the middle of building your clone template. Hence it would be nice to know what to clean out in order to forget the Wisdom agent has ever touched a machine.

The registry keys you are looking for are:


If you need to clean out the Wisdom agent completely, make sure you delete both the WUID keys.

Update: August 24th 2010 – This topic has been integrated into Technote RG028.

RES Wisdom Tips & Tricks vol 1

Animated, Gears, boxAn article on all the neat stuff you can do behind the scenes with RES Wisdom has been long overdue This collection of tips and tricks for RES Wisdom have been gathered from the product help files, administrative guide, release notes and other publicly available sources. There are several topics covered in this article, specifically:

  • How to enable debugging mode in RES Wisdom
  • How to set the maximum connections on the Dispatcher
  • Using the $workspace tag in Wisdom
  • Scheduling Wisdom jobs from the commandline
  • Wisdom Agent installation parameters
  • Configuring environment variables to remain untranslated
  • DB creation during an unattended installation of RES Wisdom
  • The Wisdom @REPLACE function
  • New input options for parameters
  • Prepared4Embedded: New method for using Agents in an image
  • Dealing with console lockout

Notice: This article has been updated with valuable information on Feb. 10th 2009.

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