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So I got hacked: How to recover and prevent.

From the and-now-to-something-completely-different dept. Yes, this article has got nothing to do with RES technology, as this is my account of how what can happen if you don’t take precautions to protect your WordPress blog, how it can ruin your day, what to do and how to prevent it from happening again.

I do recognize that there are varying degrees of attacks from the occasional comment spam, over the spamlink hacking that I’ve been dealing with, to a complete site takeover/takedown. Spending two sleepless nights learning the in’s and out’s of WordPress security, wasn’t my idea of fun, so in order to spare other fellow RES Community bloggers from having to learn from scratch, here’s my experiences, which you hopefully can benefit from before it’s too late: Read more »

New community contributions

From a pingback on the Wisdom Tips & Tricks article here the ‘Guru, I stubled over VirtuEs, which is a new blog by the hand of.. hmm, not really sure – it doesn’t say? Anyway, it looks to become a cool blog so I’ve added it to the link list here at RESguru. Anyway, the point is VirtuEs has a really useful article on how to prepare the Wisdom Agent for cloning. The article can can be found here.

While we’re at it, the nice folks at RES.NL supplied a set of Feature Profile documents, which outline the technical capabilities of some of the features found in PowerFuse and Wisdom. The documents can be found here.

Thanks everybody for contributing to the RES community – Keep it commin’! :-)

The Guru is Back!

resguru-really-bad-photoshopGreetings fellow Guru’s, and happy new year!

It’s been quite a while since something has happened over here on RESguru. New customer projects, job transitions and in general running around in small circles throughout 2009, has attributed to the dip in the steady flow of content.

What matters is that the ‘Guru back in great shape for the new year, with loads of upcomming new and interesting stuff for 2010, which you can use to wrangle even more value out of your PowerFuse and Wisdom environments.

As usual all the good stuff is being put forward to the community in the context of the RES Software Usergroup. Articles found here will be accessible through also.

In related news, we are on the brink of seeing the release of the brand-spankin’ new PowerFuse 2010 and the Orchestration Pack for Wisdom this year. Plenty of questions will be answered about these. Due to the hush-hush about  new releases, I unfortunatly can’t go into the nittygritty details about PowerFuse 2010 until mid-febuary.

Some of the noteworthy improvements onthe  blog include:

The technote library is receiving a long needed overhaul. I’ve had some catching up to do in regards to what’s happened with product releases, etc. This meant that all articles had to be reviewed and amended if needed. A full list of updated articles is being published soon.

The glossary, which has been around for a while,  is also receiving a facelift. If you haven’t visited it before, you will find in the right side of the toolbar at the top of the page. The glossary has been updated with new terminology relating to PowerFuse 2010 and the upcomming RES Orchestration Package for Wisdom. In general a glossary is a great ressource for those who are new to the RESverse and need a quick reference to all the buzzwords and tech jargon flying around in here.  This is a living document which I hope you will find it worth contributing to. The idea is to create a list of all the often used phrases, technologies, oddities etc which are associated with the RES technologies. This should be a one-stop ressource where RES novices and professionals alike can look up stuff.

were_backNew buildingblocks and articles! To start with, there are a couple of interesting new articles in the technote library from RGO1C and up. These are the first of hopefully many to come. As always, if you have stuff you want to share, come forward – YOU can be a RESguru too!

One final little thing, which hopefully will make alot of readers happy. Up until now all large screenshots opened up in a new window, which was annoying. I finally got the LightBox 2 plugin installed in WordPress, so big graphics just zoom up on the existing page. Links to other pages will however still open up in new windows so you can continue reading the article you’re currently at. is back in action – with a vengeance! ;-) Stay tuned!

Oh yeah, and Mike M – totally love your movies, so please forgive the blatantly crappy  photoshop above! :-)