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Appsense vs. RES round II – Shortcuts!

By Paul Newton


h2hThis is the second article in a series (read #1 here), which highlights important differences between how AppSense DesktopNow and RES Workspace Manager 2012 works in practice. This time we will have an in-depth look at how simple or hard it is to create shortcuts for the users in the respective products. While it was suggested in the commentary on the previous article that I had to search for a topic where RES Workspace Manager had the biggest difference to AppSense DesktopNow, I assure you that this was not the case: There are plenty of other examples waiting to be written and we’re just getting started… Click below to read article #2 in this series.

doc-icon2 <<< Click here to read RG058

Appsense vs RES article series

TheEditorEditor’s introduction: I have the pleasure today of welcoming Paul Newton as a guest writer here at! Paul has been in IT for 20 years, with the last 15 years spent in the systems management area. Paul is experienced with AppSense, SCCM, AdminStudio, App-V, Citrix and of course RES Software. He has worked in several large and medium sized enterprises in healthcare, energy, and broadcasting.

In the following article, Paul touches on an interesting subject which is sure to get the attention of the usual suspects ;) Over the years, there’s been a couple of more or less useful comparisons between what the merry folks respectively at AppSense and RES Software do, when it comes to managing the user’s persona/profile/environment/workspace (take your pick). The problem with most comparisons is that they basically end up just being a longwinded list of check boxes of who can do what.

The inherent problem with said approach is this: Whoever “dares” to create such a checkbox comparison sheet between any two or more competing vendors, is likely to have at least two vendors breathing down their neck, as the vendors all essentially want to look their best and have every last darn checkbox filled. For a long time, I’ve been advocating another approach: Presuming Vendor X and Vendor Y’s product can do the same things overall – logically the focus must shift from what CAN be done to HOW IT IS DONE.

As for vendor marketeers, this approach is obviously a lot tougher to deal with, especially if your product interface generally speaking is weak, unstructured or down right complicated to use. For the record, I am not referring to any particular vendor indirectly here – these are plain and objective terms to meter by. Of course it is any vendors prerogative to protest that things aren’t being done right, if there is an easier way that has been overlooked. Either way, this cuts the non-technical muglers out of the discussion, so us folks on the factory floor, the engineers can better figure out what product we want to use and recommend.

This is exactly the approach Paul Newton has taken in this article series, which has been moved to the Techlibrary. Let us hand it over to Paul from here: Click below to read the articles:

doc-icon2<<< Part 1: Drivemappings

doc-icon2<<< Part 2: Desktop shortcuts


RESguru link contest concluded

From the link-here-and-win dept. The winner of the RESguru giftcard contest was drawn today. The winner has asked to remain anonymous, which I of course will respect, although I can reveal he is a big fan of RES technology in the United Kingdom.  To all who now links to the ‘Guru, thanks a bunch fellas! If I haven’t linked to your RES technology related site yet, please let me know about it.

Stay tuned for other competitions in the future.

Link to RESguru and win!

From the toys-aren’t-quite-us dept. In an effort to spread awareness of the posibilities with RES PowerFuse and Wisdom, I’m kicking off a little prize drawing over the next month. The prize is a $75 giftcard for If you’re a techie like me, you’ll love the stuff they’ve got. All sorts of gadgets, duds and consumables that any geek worth their salt could ever crave.

The compo is quite simple;

  • If you run a blog or a regular website and you like RES products (since you’re reading this blog, I presume that may be the case :) – consider adding a link to RESguru to your site*
  • Email me the URL where you’ve linked to Put ‘RESguru Link‘ in the subject.
  • On October 1st 2010, submitted URLS will be reviewed (see below) and the winner will be drawn at random and I’ll contact you directly. If you want to have your name out or not, is completely up to you.

Review: While I don’t expect you to plaster a 8000px blinking banner on the front of your website, on the other hand – if you tuck in the link on some backwater page where only the spiders crawl, isn’t exactly what I’m aiming for either :) Stick a link to into your BlogRoll (see the Places that we like section further down on the right hand side on this blog), or you can put in a little banner like the ones here.

* Note: Although being more than welcome to link, Employees of RES Software are not eligible to enter prize drawing. Sorry guys, but we got to keep things fair.