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The RES Community – Now with Ninjas!

community-hero-logoFrom the Community Hero Dept. It’s been a while since I took time to look at the RES Community landscape. Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised to find that a new site came up a couple of months ago. I must admit I discovered it only by accident, through the referring sites report on my HiStats. Anyway, allow me to present a promising new site:!


Right now I actually have no clue who’s running the site, although it seems that the folks behind it know me well. I guess that’s how ninja’s roll :-) Believe me, I fully understand the value of running a site incognito initially. Half a decade ago, some marketeers here at the company did not like one bit what I was doing, hence for a while nobody knew who was behind RESguru. Fortunately those individuals are long gone and I am proud to have a fruitful and collaborative relationship with RES Marketing as of today. These folks truly understand the value of having a semi-rogue and opinionated technical blogs like RESguru in the eco-system.

@Sensei (who I gather is the editor at RESninja) –  I am truly happy to see that you folks have joined the ranks of community content providers. Good-natured competition with a bit of attitude never hurts, so I’m stoked to see you guys have “thrown the sword” and taken the challenge. I for one look forward to see what content the ninjas will bring us next!

In general – If you are a start-up tech blogger and you’re writing anything about RES technology, please reach out if you would like to have your site showcased. You don’t need to have created a truckload of material up front – basically one article is enough, as it’s the will to share RES technical knowledge that counts. I would also like to add that if you don’t have your own blog, the doors at RESguru are always open for guest writers.