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Group for the Guru’s

breaking-news-sHello fellow Guru’s. It is a pleasure to announce the creation of a LinkedIn group for This is a way for you to signify your affiliation and/or support for If you like, please feel free to join the group here.

On another note,  we’ve nuked the KB archive link on the top menu of the blog and put in a direct link to the RESguru Forum. With a whopping total of two cached articles, the KB archive wasn’t really going anywhere and some of you asked for a better Forum link on top instead – well you got it! :)

Things will start to take off shortly again… Give it a week or so and we’ll be back – better than ever!

How to make a grAvatar

batty-iconFirst of all, what’s a grAvatar, and why the heck would I want one, you might ask. Second, if I decide to agree with that, how do I get one? And what does this have to do with RESguru in the first place? All valid questions, which is we will have a look at here.

An Avatar in general is just a way of enhancing your appearance if you comment Scr, Auto gravataron blogs, such as this swell one. Out of the box, WordPress (on which is built) will automagically generate an auto-avatar (the icon which is next to your screen name) The auto-avatar, as seeen on the right, is calculated from your screen name, hence it will be unique to you, but you’d proably prefer something else to look at.

The idea with a grAvatar (Globally Recognized Avatar), is to create an Avatar which will work across many blogs where you might decide to leave your comments. So in short, it’s just a little global eye candy, which will spiff up your postings here. That’s all.

To get one, all you have to do is to sign up for free at All you have to do is to use the same email address which you supplied to when registering. Chose some snazzy logo and you’re done. In a mater of minutes, your newly created grAvatar will be visible next to your postings when you create one. Note, this is not applicaple to the Guru Forum, as it’s a seperate webapp.

RESguru’s got Forums!

breaking-news-sGreetings all Guru’s! Today proudly announces the launch of a new part of the site, the Forums. C’mon – every good blog has to have one, right? Anyway a few good men have been test driving the forums  for little while before the announcement today. Just like every vendor has it’s own official forum, RESguru is the first unofficial RES forum of it’s kind, hopefully to be joined by many more in the future. It’s all about building communities.

If you’ve got something on your mind; questions, ideas, rants, answers, grins or gripes  related to RES products  – anything RES at all, feel free to drop in and say hi. The current forum members include some of the most accomplished RES consultants, integrators, system administrators, techs, etc. However, since this is a forum based on voulentary participation, if you got a urgent problem with your RES production environment your best bet is still to talk with the friendly folks at RES Support.

The full link to the Forum is:, which you will find as a permanent link  in the Guru Links section on the right hand the blog.


More Buildingblocks!

BricksLooks like there’s now a buildingblock section at the RES forum.  It’s even a publicly accessible place – Nice!However, these are not RES endorsed nor certified buildingblocks. Guess it’s the same groundrules which applies around here. Anyway go have a look here