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Clearing individual PowerFuse Logfiles

Animated, Gears, boxThis technote and associated Wisdom BuildingBlock is inspired by a public posting at the RES Forum, specifically on how to access certain elements of the PowerFuse datastore. Now, before we proceed let’s get one thing straight. If you start messing around with your datastore on your own, the key operating phrase here is: ON YOUR OWN, i.e. don’t go crying to RES Support if you screw up and haven’t backed up your database. Responsible admins only, capice? 

Right – with that being clear, what’s all this about then? Well, one of the things which would be very usefull would be having the ability to clear individual logfiles. Let’s say for example that you want to keep your AppGuard log, but want to flush the IP-security log, perhaps because you configured it to learning mode, and you’re now swamped with a bunch of useless log entries and you want to blow those out and start over. Unfortunatly it’s not currently possible through the GUI to delete individual logs. So, with the help of a nifty SQL statement this is possible.

The technote wil demonstrate how you can clear out specific logs, without having to clear all logs at once. A Wisdom Buildingblock has been created to help get it right. will assume absolutely NO responsibility nor liability from the result of utilizing anything published in this article, or anything else on this blog for that matter.

With all said and done,  click the brick to read the article:  legobrick_red