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Fixing a Linux AM agent install problem

Animated, Gears, boxFrom the Mostly Nuts (and bolts)bat-tux Dept. Recently I was messing around with getting the RES Automation Manager SR3 Linux agent (res-am-6.5-3.125079.tgz) installed on a Redhat Enterprise 6.2. However, aparently some crypto libraries were missing. The following linked article shows you how to easily fix this problem, even if you’re not 100% Linux savvy.

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3 new HyperDrive articles

From the Technote Dept. Yesterday two new articles by Rob Aarts were published. These articles respectively covers installation and configuration of RES Hyperdrive. You can also learn here how to fix the clock-drift issue which has been know to appear on CentOS linux builds running on a hyperV server. To read the new articles, click on the documents below. Update. As per July 25th, a third article on how to replace the self-signed certificate has been posted.

RG047 – Installing HyperDrive and fixing clockdrift

RG048 – Configuring RES HyperDrive

RG049 – Replacing the RES HyperDrive certificate