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Migrating from a broken UEM product, part 1

doesnot2From the REScue 911 Dept. Recently I was involved in a client project where they had a problem. And it was a big problem:  Effectively they were using another profile management product which was malfunctioning. I’d prefer not to give the game away by naming the vendor. Not that I have any problem with verbally beating vendors over the head when they deserve it – this is out of courtesy to the client.

Suffice to say, the product in question employed by my client was practically holding the user’s profile settings hostage. Allow me to clarify: If your current UEM tool redirects a write to a proprietary format, you are putting all the user’s profile data into a basket you have no or little control over. Meaning: If you switch said UEM tool off, then all your user’s settings are stuck in said basket. The following article puts you on a path out of this situation.

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I’m still on PowerFuse 2008 – Should I upgrade?

From the get-to-the-choppa dept. The short answer to the title question is: YES! If you’re still on PowerFuse 2008, this would be a great time to consider upgrading. Although RES Software does not currently not enforce an end-of-life policy for the 2008 product, you would do well to consider the advantages of upgrading. The effective policy is as long as there is a viable number of customers who utilizes a given version, that version is supported, however new features will not be added to that version. As many of these questions usually end up in my inbox anyway, I have written this piece to cover some of the most common reservations and concerns that the few remaining PF2008 customers may have. It is my ambition to dispell some of the misconceptions about an upgrade from PowerFuse 2008.

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Migration Tool for Citrix XenApp

Swiss Knife Today RES released a cool utility which will help existing XenApp customers implement PowerFuse way more swiftly. What the tool does is read existing published applications from a serverfarm, create the applications inside PowerFuse and create new PowerFuse managed published applications. It even reads any existing file associations configured in the Xenapp environment – Übercool!

There is a nice PDF which describes things well here: Icon, PDF file  The Migration tool can be downloaded from RES here.

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