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Time to get Trained! Calendar for USA 2013

Icon, EducationFrom the Information Injection Dept. It’s my pleasure to present to you the calendars for 2013 RES certification training events in the United States. This time around we are only scheduling classes until end of second quarter. I plan to publish the calendar for the rest of the year around end of Q1. The reason for this is that we are in the process of redesigning the training materials and the curriculum for the big training courses. This is specifically the case for Workspace Manager:

So far the training material was structured according to the 3 product editions;  Personalization and Composition, Advanced Administration and Security and Performance. While this initially seemed a good idea, experience and feedback from all you, our course participants, told us that we needed to re-arrange things a bit. In other words, few people were interested in just learning about the features in one edition – it turned out that all of you wanted the full enchilada! While we are stoked by this, it was also a challenge, since Workspace Manager today is packed chock-full of goodness;  to a degree where it has become hard to cover everything in-depth in the regular 5 days. Add to the equation that consultant managers already were challenged to pulling billable feet off the street for an entire work week, it was clear that something had to change. So that’s precisely what we are doing now:

The bottom line is that later this year we are splitting up the WM courseware into two seperate courses: Workspace Manager Basic and Advanced. Each of these courses will eventually be 3 days, making it more easy on the schedule of the participants. I anticipate we will be ready with the new courses by end of Q2, so in the meantime it’s business as usual, with one slight change: Instead of the 5 days we did all 2012, we now offer the Workspace Manager class in 4 days, as a preamble to the above mentioned changes.

Below is the schedule for the RES partner certification classes for first half of 2013. The course abreviations are as follows: WM = RES Workspace Manager, AM = RES Automation Manager, SO = Service Orchestration (soon to be known as the IT Service Store)

Date City Course
Feb 6th-8th Houston, TX AM
Feb 19th-22nd Philadelphia, PA (RES HQ) WM
Mar 12th-15th Richmond, VA WM
Mar 25th-27th San Francisco, CA AM
Apr 8th-10th San Francisco, CA SO
Apr 23rd-26th Chicago, IL WM
May 14th-17th Anaheim, CA WM
Jun 5th-7th East coast / TBD AM
Jun 10th-12th East coast / TBD SO


vdxAs you may have heard, in 2012 RES Americas appointed and signed the first RES Authorized Learning Center (or RALC) in the United States. We are proud to partner with VDX out of New Jersey. They will be selling RES training classes nationwide to end-user customers, while we here at RES continue to offer training to new and existing partners. Below is VDX’s training calendar for first half of 2013:

Date City Course
Jan 7th-11th Cranford, NJ (VDX HQ) WM
Jan 21st-24th Cambridge, MA WM
Feb 18th-22nd Chicago, IL WM
Mar 18th-22nd Irving, TX WM
Apr 8th-12th Mountain View, CA WM
May 13th-17th Malvern, PA WM
Jun 10-14th Cranford, NJ (VDX HQ) WM


Just to be clear, the difference between the certification classes that RES conducts and the classes our global RALC partners offers is that the RES classes are offered free of charge (for now) to new and prospective RES partners only as a part of our ongoing investment in building out the US channel. Besides, for partners above bronze level there is a mandatory certification requirement.

  • If you are a new, existing or prospective RES Partner and have interest in training, please contact yours truly.
  • If you are a US RES customer interested in attending RES Workspace Manager, please contact Mr. David Ball at VDX.

For more in-depth information about the RES classes in general, see What a training class is supposed to be like. Also, make sure you have a look at the official curriculum on the RES corp web. Finally I have written a training and certification FAQ available here.

RES Software Courses + FAQ, updated

From the Guru Bootcamp dept. During 2010 we’ve all been witness to how the product portofolio at RES has expanded. Also there’s been plenty of new functionality added to the existing products, hence the training offerings needed to be changed accordingly. RES Training recently announced changes in the training and certification courses to it’s channel. I’ve summarized some of the highlights here and added a Training FAQ section below.

Note: This article has been updated Feb 17th with links to syllabus for the new courses and additional entries in the FAQ section.

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