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4 new registry tweaks for Workspace Manager

registry-gFrom the Nuts & Bolts Dept. As the RES WorkspaceManager Updatepack 6 has been finished, we took the time to trawl through the release notes to see what’s been fixed. As always please remember: The RES update packs are not available for direct download and have not been fully regression tested like a Service Release is. You can request these from RES Support if you believe you are affected by one or more of the issues, or if Support recommends you to apply an updatepack. Updatepack 6 contains some rather nifty registry settings, which you can check out here in the one and only WM Registry Guide:

doc-icon2<<< Click here to view the latest registry tweaks in the guide.

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New Technote: Dispatcher+ and WebAPI

From the Technotes-R-Us Dept. With the Automation Manager 2012 currently available as RC2, a RESguru article describing the nuts, bolts and registry settings of the new Dispatcher+ has been overdue for a while. To the rescue comes Rob Aarts with a great article, which explains the ins and outs of the new dispatcher component. Also covered in the article is the Master Dispatcher/Cache feature. The most important registry settings to tweak the behavior of the Dispatcher are also covered. Finally the article also covers the new WebAPI for Automation Manager.

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