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New Reference Architecture doc for WM

scrollFrom the Document Division. Those following me on twitter (@RESguru) saw yesterday the release of the Reference Architechture document for RES Workspace Manager. This document is interesting as it covers many of the questions our partners and customersreswm-solutionscope have had in regards to best practices, the Relay Server, diskspace consumption and bandwidth usage. The document also covers the complete solution scope, making it easier to understand where RES Workspace Manager fits in.

The document can be downloaded here: pdffile 


The RES Relay Server

From the Skunkworks Dept. As we are approaching the release of Workspace Manager 2012 later this year, here's a sneakpeek into the goodiebag of good things to come. Specifically I've taken the RES Relay Server for a spin and kicked the tires in the lab, in order to give you a better understanding of what this thing is. This technote article should hopefully help you gain a better understanding on what new options we will have at our disposal for designing tomorrows workspace solutions.

<<< Click here to read the article

While we're at it, I've updated an old article RG004 – Workspace Manager commandline parameters, so it reflects the new parameters to unattended configure a Relay Server connection for a Workspace Manager 2012 agent. Click here to see the updates.