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Stupid spammers – Be gone!

spam-verbotenLike most other bloggers, I got hit until recently by my fair share of blog spam-comments, hoping to make it past the incredible effective spamfilters I have installed here on You, dear reader never get to bother with this crap as the filters catch most of it and nukes them appropriately. I personally can’t be bothered about it either :)

brainHowever, ever once a blue moon I take a curious look in the filters to see what’s hot in blogspam. It ain’t pretty but it sure is entertaining in a weird way: I can’t help being slightly amazed by the variations of poorly written commentary meant to show interest and flatter/threaten/annoy the blogger, in the hopes that they get one extra hit by posting a link in your website field to what ever crud they are peddeling. For some light entertainment, go have a look at the Museum of Comment Spam. and have a giggle or two. Mind you, these guys (the spammers, that is) aren’t exactly the sharpest crayons in the box…

Well, all good things have to come to a close. I made a nice little change, courtesy of a Mr. Gerard McGarry, in particular how to remove the website url field from the comment form. Nobody cares about that anyway. Net result: Presto! No more spam comments! How’dya like them’ apples, you stupid smappers! ;)


Year of the Smapping Snake?

spam-verbotenFrom the Spammer DeathSquad Dept. Yeah, so the title of the blog was initially a typo, but it made me giggle a bit, so there. This article is just to vent some steam at having to occasionally clear out the gunk in the spamfilters, ranging from poodle viagra to crappy fake eastern european watches. Looking at the blog stats, 2012 was relatively quiet, but it’s clear that spamming is on the rise this year. Already by mid February ’13, we have surpassed the amount of spam attempts for last year: Read more »

Spammers Ahoy!

From the will-you-quit-already dept. To the rest of the RES community, please ignore this posting as it’s got little to do with what we usually deal with around here. I just wanted to vent some steam at the clueless individuals who seem hellbent on peddeling their useless crap, be it knockoff watches, pet viagra, timeshares in New Jersey or whatever…

Guys, you’re wasting your time here – We have this thing in place called a “SPAMFILTER”. Yes, that’s right – we keep it on the far side of the moon, right next to the “Laser”. Net result:  Spam comments submitted: 3971. Number of spam comments that made it through: 0, zip, nada, zilch. Get the picture?

Update: And just to make life even more miserable for you – the purveyors of spam, I’ve added a Captcha filter today. I trust it won’t put off the regular patrons of this site too much.