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TechPreview of Stand-Alone VDX available

From the new hotness department. Today, December 6 2010 – RES Product Management announced the preview availability of a the long anticipated RES Virtual Desktop Extender aka. VDX. The VDX product allows you to add Reverse Seamless Publishing capability to any TS/Citrix/VDI environment.

The cool bit is that this release is a stand-alone version, which means you do not need to have the RES Workspace Manager installed in the datacenter end of things. The preview is available to current partners and customers though the support portal. Just log in with your credentials and browse the treeview, where you will find it at the bottom as shown here.

As mentioned, the current tech preview demos the stand-alone capability. An RC is expected to be released mid Jan, which will have optional integration capability with RES Workspace manager.

Note1: The techpreview expires on March 1st 2011, so expect to see reviews of this stuff soon.

Note2:  If you are not a current customer/partner of RES, please contact the friendly folks in sales and let them know that you are interested in VDX.