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Two new RESguru technotes

From the we-work-harder-so-you-don’t-have-to dept. My esteemed co-authors Patrick Kaak and Sascha Maier have produced a couple of new articles, which you may find interesting. Patrick has reworked another blog article he found, which compares different profile manager technologies, while Sacha has created an article that describes how you can first-time set up the correct initial keyboard for users in an international organization. This article also includes a buildingblock. Have a look at the articles in the Technote Library below:

<<< RG038 – Differences between profile managers

<<< RG039 – Mapping the right keyboard to the right people

Updated article: Getting rid of first-time login stuff

The technote article RG01F, published January 2010, discussed how to get rid of the Personalized Settings window, which appears at first-time login for new users. In this minor overhaul of the article, there is now detailed information on how to configure this through the PowerFuse 2010 console.  Click here to read the updated article.

New technote: Preventing access to Admin shares

Animated, Gears, boxHere’s a tech-tip straight off the press. You might find yourself in the situation that you need to permit users to have the right to browse UNC paths on the network. This may be the case if you have users with elevated priveledges, such as users who are local administrators and are allowed to install software using the Partially Managed Workstation feature of PowerFuse.

Click here to read the new article RG019 on this subject

Thanks to Scott Taylor and Roy Woods at Fujitsu Services, UK. You guys rock!

Building a PowerFuse installation offline

Animated, Gears, box This article adresses the need of being able to build corporate laptops in the field. Imagine that an employee is stuck in the middle of nowhere without network access, and for one reason or another, the poor guy needs to rebuild his laptop.  If you have PowerFuse in the mix, the challenge is to ensure that a machine which is rebuilt offline, has a cached copy of the PowerFuse datastore so it can operate.

There are many well-known ways of doing the OS-rebuild. You can either put a rebuild partition on the machine, or perhaps have a rebuild system on a DVD etc. It is however out of scope for this article to cover that part, as you probably already know how to do bare metal builds already, second RES Wisdom doesn’t do bare-metal builds anyway.

Go read this article to get the scoop on offline builds with PowerFuse

Building a kickass Workspace Extender demo!

Animated, Gears, boxA new technote has been added to the library. This one takes you through how to set up the RES Workspace Extender, so you can play around with it in you own test/lab environment. The article offers usefull info into how the technology works and takes you step-by-step through setting up a really cool demo on either Terminal Services or citrix, using either a videoclip or an application.

The net result is that you now can run heavy, graphic-intensive apps as part of a centrally managed remote desktop, regardles of the underlying delivery technology.

A buildingblock is available at the end of the article so you can get started quickly using the RES Workspace extender. Read all about it here

Enjoy! /TRG

RES PowerFuse Tips & Tricks

Animated, Gears, boxA new Technote has been added to the TechNote Library. This is a mixed bag of nice stuff you can do with PowerFuse inside and outside the console. See the tips & tricks article here.

New Technote: PowerFuse Commandline Parameters

Animated, Gears, boxNewsflash! A new technote has been added to the Technote Library. This one is a reference to all the spooky commandline parameters in PowerFuse. Did you know you can import buildingblocks from the commandline? Add a computer to a workspace during installation? Even move citrix servers in and out of groups. Check out the new technote here

Laptops and offline homedirectories

Animated, Gears, boxA busy week, yet somehow another technote has been completed. This one describes how to PowerFuse to easily configure a homedrive to be mapped on a laptop both when it’s online and offline. Also there is an example on how you can use a component in PowerFuse to actually synchronize the data.

This new technote can be found in the newly TechNote Library here: (which is an effort on the authors behalf to keep a sense of structure to this blog. A permanent link has been placed on the right.

First technote online – Yay!

Animated, Gears, boxHi all, There is now an article available which will help you enhance your current PowerFuse 2008 SR3 environment with some great functionality.  By using File and Folder Security combined with some interesting reghacks etc, it is possible to block the users from putting any data on the desktop, but still allow the users to put any kind of shortcut there. Hence we keep the data where we want it and the users can drag-and-drop shortcuts out to their hearts content, and we all live happily ever after.. Anyway, go have a look at the article here