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RESguru Going West!

From the partially RES related dept. It finally happened! Last year RES Software’s US-resident Cowboy Viking got the marching orders to head out west, to set up shop, in what happens to be my old stomping grounds around the Bay Area. While Philadelphia and the east coast have been an interesting and rewarding experience, as the song goes; my heart never really left San Francisco. Within the year I’ve been here on the east coast, a lot of good things have happened; we’ve trained and certified partners from Toronto down to Miami, from New York to Chicago. 2011 was inded a busy year in the RES US channel.

Here in 2012, it’s now time for yours truly to head “home” and focus on getting the western US territories stood up technically. As you may have noticed, we have significantly leveraged our relationship with Citrix this year, hence I really look forward to working more with the guys in Santa Clara in the near future. This article will kick off a series of mini photo-blog articles on a separate page (book mark this), started January 28th, 2012, covering the trip from Philly to San Francisco, expected to last 6-7 days. Read more »

RES Partner Training 2012

ATTENTION: The training 2012 year is now over. Please refer to the 2013 training calendar.

From the Get-Yerself-Certified Dept. As the year is drawing to a close, it’s my pleasure to share with you the partner training calendar for the United States, 2012. We’ll be hosting a number of classes where you can learn the nuts & bolts of the RES product line, from the ground up. The classes will primarily be run by yours truly in 2012. According to the wishes of existing and new RES partners, we’ve selected a number of US cities where technical training will take place. Mark down the dates and contact me if you want to reserve a seat. Registered participants will receive information about the venues, prerequisites and everything else, when time is approaching. Read more »