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Technote: All about the Baseline Desktop Analyzer

This article was written on Saturday last week after Citrix Synergy. Wow..! That’s simply the best I can currently can come up with, as I’m unwinding at the Gloria Ferrer vineyard with my better half in Sonoma, enjoying a bottle of ’99 Carneros Cuvée, after an intense week of Synergy 2011. If you follow my tweets, or have read Bill’s post-synergy article, you’ll know we had an overwhelming response to our booth demos and the brand spankin’ new Baseline Desktop Analyzer cloud-service, which will be available for FREE July 1st. During Citrix Synergy, my buddy Gabe Knuth from TechTarget tracked me down for an interview to get the scoop on this new offering. You can see the interview in details by clicking on the video above.

Parts of the video demo may be slightly hard to see, so let us dive a bit more into the Baseline Desktop Analyzer, or BDA as we refer to it shorthand. It’s essentially a free service to give customers and integrators the ultimate overview of the current state of affairs in their IT environments before embarking onto new projects. It doesn’t matter if it’s WinXP->Win7 migration, Physical to VDI, XenDesktop, XenApp, VMware View etc. The situation is a bit like navigation on the high seas: Where ever you are going, you need to get your bearings before you set sail in any direction.

To better prepare yourself for the journey and using DBA, you’ll do well by studying this article. Click here to read it.

New technote: Splitting the WM2011 datastore

From the Technotes-R-Us dept. A new article has been added to the Technote Library. This time we’re popping the lid off good things to come, namely WorkSpace Manager 2011. In this article we will be looking specifically at a feature which may positively impact the way you set up your datastore infrastructure to cater for Workspace Managere 2011, namely the ability to move log data out of the primary datastore and move it to a secondary datastore.

If you’re new to RES products, here’s the deal: Speaking in reference to the architechture, there is no such thing as a Workspace Manager server. However a SQL DBMS of your choice is used to store things in. This database up until now, stored everything – including all the logs and the detailed user activity tracking module, called Usage Tracking. The resulting dataset has the potential to become quite massive.

By offering the ability to split the logs and Usage Tracking off to a secondary datastore, things are kept much more manageable. Depending of course of what you’ve put in there it is very rare to see the configuration part of a Workspace Manager datastore exceed 100 Meg, which for a regular DBMS is small potatoes. The logging (and especially usage tracking can generate Gigs worth of logs. This may be within your operating specs that you indeed want detailed logs and statistics, so now you will have the option of storing these things somewhere else.

Finally, please note that the described functionality is not available in PowerFuse 2010. It will be available January 2011 in the new Workspace Manager release.

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