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New Reference Architecture doc for WM

scrollFrom the Document Division. Those following me on twitter (@RESguru) saw yesterday the release of the Reference Architechture document for RES Workspace Manager. This document is interesting as it covers many of the questions our partners and customersreswm-solutionscope have had in regards to best practices, the Relay Server, diskspace consumption and bandwidth usage. The document also covers the complete solution scope, making it easier to understand where RES Workspace Manager fits in.

The document can be downloaded here: pdffile 


New whitepaper: PowerFuse 2010 Workspaces

A very interesting whitepaper, dealing with Workspace management in RES PowerFuse  has been released by Iain Brighton over at Virtual Engine.This document is definatly level 400 as it dives into the deep end of the tech pool, with very detailed real-world examples of do’s and don’t of workspace management. This is definatly a must-read if you are contemplating implementing workspace containers and using delegation in a large scale environment.

The document can be downloaded here:

Working with the RES PowerFuse Security models

Animated, Gears, boxA new technote has been added to the Technote library. This one is a hands-on how to work with the RES Security models. There has been a bit of confusion how these work. For example, what is the difference between authorizing an application on global level, versus on the individual application. This article will also help you get a grip on what you need to do in order to go from test into production with PowerFuse. Finally we discuss what is needed to do on an ongoing basis to handle change management (new apps) in the PowerFuse environment, once the security is locked down.

Go read the article here

RunBook Automation eBooks

animated book Ever since RES changed the tagline for Wisdom to RunBook automation for Windows, many of us did not have a clue what RunBook automation really was. If you still feel somewhat in the dark on this important matter, then you will be pleased to know that RES has sponsored RealTime Publishers to write 3 brand new articles. Have a look at below. Click on the image, for some very good information on the subject.

Realtime Publishers RunbookNote this is pretty high-level stuff. If you want the nuts and bolts, stick around… :) There might very well be coming  more fun to do with Wisdom in a short while. 

You can also download the PDF here:  Icon, PDF file