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Getting rid of a Explorer folder problem

By Max Ranzau

From the Hexbags and Spells Dept. One really annoying explorer behavior which seems to recently have been making its rounds on Win7 x64, is an error which typically appears when you either drag and drop move things around in desktop folders or just create a folder somewhere using explorer. The errormessage which often comes out of the blue is “Could not find this item” <new line> “This is no longer located in <path>. Verify the item’s location and try again.” This addition to the Technote Library shows you how to defeat it with RES Automation Manager and as usual a BuildingBlock is included

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New technote: Control Panel applets for PowerFuse

From the we-work-harder-so-you-don’t-have-to dept. As an administrator or integrator, you may often find yourself in the situation you need to offer certain Controlpanel applets to the users. Unfortunatly PowerFuse doesn’t (yet) offer the ability to import Control Panels as easily as it does regular applications.

To address this, I’ve created a set of buildingblocks which includes every single applet to be found in the standard Windows XP and Windows 7 control panels. On top of that there’s a set of Extras which includes some other nice control panel applets often found. Have a look at what’s inside below: (click to enlarge).

Click here to view the article and download buildingblocks.