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How NOT to use Workspace Containers

From the You’re-doing-it-wrong Dept. This is a little quick and dirty techpost to hopefully help some of you folks who are learning the ropes with Workspace Manager. One of the very powerful features in WM is the Workspace Container object. You can think of these types of container objects as being to Workspace Manager, what OU’s are for Active Directory, but they can do so much more. For your convenience, I’ve listed none less than 6 different real-world examples in article RG037 – Workspace Containers Inside-out.

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Technote: Workspace life on Windows 8

From the Flux Capacitor Dept. I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that once every now and then, time loops in on itself in this line of work. While you don’t need a Delorean to experience it, this is the story of how an almost antiquated piece of code within the RES Workspace Manager suddenly saw itself repurposed by some of our customers to deal with Windows 8’s Metro interface.

My good friends in product management would probably whack me over the head, but hey – there’s nothing preventing anyone from obtaining a trial Workspace Manager 2012, slapping it on a Win8 and writing about it. So, rather the devil you know I guess. Anyway, this is not a comprehensive wall-to-wall test to see what floats and sinks, as RES Workspace Manager 2012 at the time of writing DOES NOT officially support Win8, but that’s expected in January 2013. Note: Automation Manager actually does support Win8 with 2012 SR3 at this time. Update per March 2013: With the release of Workspace Manager 2012 SR2  Windows 8 is supported..somewhat. See this article for more info.

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The RES Relay Server

From the Skunkworks Dept. As we are approaching the release of Workspace Manager 2012 later this year, here's a sneakpeek into the goodiebag of good things to come. Specifically I've taken the RES Relay Server for a spin and kicked the tires in the lab, in order to give you a better understanding of what this thing is. This technote article should hopefully help you gain a better understanding on what new options we will have at our disposal for designing tomorrows workspace solutions.

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While we're at it, I've updated an old article RG004 – Workspace Manager commandline parameters, so it reflects the new parameters to unattended configure a Relay Server connection for a Workspace Manager 2012 agent. Click here to see the updates.

New RES related blog!

From the RES Community Hero Dept. Today I’d like to introduce a new blog site, which one of my good colleagues, Musa Cakar from RES Support has launched. The blog is called My Virtual Environment, or His first article is very useful, as it deals with reducing the size of Mozilla Firefox profiles, using the RES Workspace Manager. Be sure to check out the article here!

Vat are you Syncing about?

From the Mayday-We’re-Syncing Dept. On the last day of 2011, the Service Release 3 for the RES Workspace Manager 2011 was released. Among a bunch of new cool enhancements, there is one that I especially would like to elaborate on. Workspace Manager supports Microsoft Sync Center, a part of Windows 7. Specifically the support consists of that network drive-mappings, created in Workspace Manager will continue to work nicely, when Sync Center is used to bring stuff offline. This means you don’t have to worry about scripts to map the network drive when you’re offline. A new technote RG044 has been added to the Technote Library describing how this works. A helpful buildingblock has been included.

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RES Partner Training 2012

ATTENTION: The training 2012 year is now over. Please refer to the 2013 training calendar.

From the Get-Yerself-Certified Dept. As the year is drawing to a close, it’s my pleasure to share with you the partner training calendar for the United States, 2012. We’ll be hosting a number of classes where you can learn the nuts & bolts of the RES product line, from the ground up. The classes will primarily be run by yours truly in 2012. According to the wishes of existing and new RES partners, we’ve selected a number of US cities where technical training will take place. Mark down the dates and contact me if you want to reserve a seat. Registered participants will receive information about the venues, prerequisites and everything else, when time is approaching. Read more »

Technote: Making Dynamic HTML email signatures

From the Technotes-R-Us Dept. Ever wondered how to create nice uniform HTML signatures for your entire company, then to discover there’s someone that needs a different one. Fast forward 6 months you’re faced with having 5 or 6 different email signature templates for Outlook to juggle. If you want a sleek method of dealing with all that, you want to check out this article from resident co-Guru, Sascha Maier. Here you’ll learn how to not only embed different bitmaps into the signature according to group membership, but also how to distribute those bitmaps using RES Workspace Manager’s Custom Resource feature.

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PS: This is our 60th article, w00t!

Get AM and WM trained in Ft. Lauderdale / November

From the RES Tech Training Dept. Are you a new or prospective RES partner in the United States? Need to get trained in a RES product? Missed the recent invite? Then keep reading, this article is for you then!

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Referencing a NOT NULL string in RES products

From the Interesting Tidbits Dept. Here’s probably the shortest RESguru posting to date, but it’s been a little thing that has been itching to be posted for a while. In all it’s simplicity it’s about how you would reference an empty string in either Automation Manager or Workspace Manager. Since there isn’t a NULL operator per say, we have to rely on our old friend, Mr. PatternMatching. In other words for the uninitiated, RES products supports a pletora of wildcard operators within the text input fields of the products. You can also use variables and functions here. Also check out the RESpedia entry on patternmaching.

The use-cases are many, as you might need to check on environment variables, registry settings, AD properties, file versions or something completely different. Here is a quite simple one: Let’s say we want to check if a variable is set or not. All we have to do is use the pattern “?*” without the quotation marks. The questionmark determines that a single any-character must be present, and the asterisk says that any number of characters including none, may follow. Here on the right is a screenshot which illustrates the usage. PS: Thanks to Dave Bryant for sharing this nugget.

Review of Workspace Manager SR2

From the Community Hero dept. My good friend Sylvester de Koster over at CDG in England has taken the time to go through the new SR2 release of the RES Workspace Manager in a new article on the CDG blog. He covers the new additions to the console interface, the new Configuration Wizards, and the new embedded online tutorial videos. Go have a look at the article here.