techlibraryWelcome to the RESguru Technote Library. In this section of the RESguru site, is where you will find an overview of all the technotes, written since day one. The newest documents are generally always at the top of the list, yet you will find some frontpage stories moved into the archive eventually when I get around to it. Enjoy!



RG06B – Migrating from a broken UEM product, part 1 (Posted April 26th 2015) This article describes a method of moving away from another UEM product and into RES Workspace Manager. This first part describes how to put the pieces into place before moving in for the kill. Stay tuned for part 2.

RG06A – Seamless switch from Policies to WM (Posted April 26th 2015) Read this article to lean how to move seamlessly between a GPO/policy managed windows environment and RES Workspace Manager.

RG069 – Setting up a Lab HR system for RES IT Store (Originally posted December 14th 2014, moved to techlib on May 21st 2015 for housekeeping) This article will take you through the steps necessary to build your own HR system using OrangeHRM. It is extremely useful, while learning how to onboard/offboard users, having an authoritative datasource proper. This article will show you how to install this free open-source HR system including all steps up to the point where you integrate it with the RES IT Store.

RG068 – Managing VMware AppVolumes with RES (Originally posted December 9th 2014, moved to techlib on May 21st 2015 for housekeeping) In this article we look into to how VMware AppVolumes (formerly Cloudvolumes) can be leveraged and integrated with the RES products and what advantages you get from this combo.

RG067 – Inside Workspace Manager 2014 SR2 (Originally posted November 21st 2014, moved to techlib on May 21st 2015 for housekeeping) This article is an in-depth overview of what features Workspace Manager SR2 brings to the table.

RG066 – Automated VDI Optimization (Originally posted April 30th 2014, moved to techlib on April 30th 2015 for housekeeping) This article shows how to clean up and optimize a VDI image, using Automation Manager. The article has a buildingblock for download as well.

RG065 – The beginning of the end, for PWRGATE (Originally posted Dec 3rd 2013, moved to techlib on April 30th 2015) This article explored the (then) new mode of operation of WM managed applications, where you can opt to create new managed shortcuts without reference to pwrgate.exe and retain the orginal path on the shortcuts. This article moved to as part of overall housekeeping.

RG064 – WebServices for Fun and Profit, part 2. (Added Oct 25th 2014) In this sequel article to RG064 we explore how to tie the SOAP call into to RES IT Store in order to create a friendly interface to the users. We also learn how to deal with user input that governs other user selections

RG063 – WebServices for Fun and Profit, part 1. (Added Oct 13th 2014) This article is the first of a two-part article that illustrates how to use SOAP services with RES Automation Manager. The article includes a set of workable demo modules that pulls a weather report from a given city/country of your choice.

RG062 – The WM Database Log Cleanup Tool (Added Feb 14th 2014, Updated and Moved to TechLib Jul 30th 2014). Ever wonder how to deal with all those logs in Workspace Manager and why your only option is to delete all of them at once or hack your datastore? Now there’s a much easier approach with this cool little utility that will clear individual logs.

RG061 – Configuring Automation Manager for Windows Authentication (Added Jul 19th 2014) This article covers in detailed steps how to configure RES Automation Manager to use Windows Authentication for it’s datastore. As you may know the product was originally designed for SQL Auth only. This article shows you how to install AM into an environment where WinAuth is mandated. This article was originally posted on Aspen Systems newsletter and has now been added to the TechLib.

RG060 – Rolling out Workspace Security into a production env (Added Sep 28th, moved to Tech Library Oct 10th 2013). In this article I will show you how to gradually implement workspace security, meaning any of the Security subsystems in RES Workspace Manager, into a production environment. This can be done in a tempo which both you and your customer/users can be comfortable with.

RG059 – Things Workspace Manager does per default (Added Sep 28th, moved to Tech Library Oct 10th 2013). This one covers some interesting behavior of the RES Workspace Manager, which you as an integrator need to be aware of. Out of the box the Workspace Manager does not change anything on the target environment, when you roll the software out. However, when you enable the Workspace Composer, several changes are in fact applied to the target computer, which you would do well to familiarize yourself with.

RG058 – Appsense vs. RES, round II – Shortcuts! (Added Aug 22nd 2013, moved to Tech Library Oct 10th 2013) This is the second article in a series where Paul Newton explains key differences in how Appsense Desktop now works, compared with RES Workspace Manager. This time the focus like with the article is a commonly used item; creating shortcuts for the users.

RG057 – Appsense Desktop Now vs. RES Workspace Manager (Added Aug 12th 2013, moved to Tech Library Oct 10th 2013). In this first in a series of articles, RESguru guestwriter Mr. Paul Newton takes us on a journey of effective comparison between Appense’s Desktop Now and RES Software’s Workspace Manager. This article is the first of several that compares individual features of the two products on a detailed feature level, so rather where the marketeers focus if the software CAN do something, it is illustrated here HOW it is done.

RG056 – How to manage settings for a software suite (Added June 26th 2013) In this article I will show you how to use Linked User Settings to store settings for suite components (like Word, Excel etc in the MS Office suite, into a common storage container.

RG055 – What’s new in RES Hyperdrive (Added May 31st 2013) This article by Rob Aarts explains the new features in the latest release of Hyperdrive and what to expect from it. This article was originally published on the frontpage but moved to the TechLibrary for housekeeping.

RG054 – The Mother of all Environment Variable Guides  (Added May 30th 2013) Learn all about the special environment variables available inside a RES WM session as well as how to utilize the standard system variables in interesting ways. The article also includes a couple of nice variable diagnostic tools.

RG053 – Fixing a Linux AM Agent installation problem (Added Feb 20th 2013) This article helps fix a weird problem I stumbled over when trying to install the RES Automation Manager agent on a virgin Redhat Enterprise Server 6.3. This article was moved from the frontpage on May 23rd.

RG052 – How NOT to use Workspace Containers (Added Mar 8th 2013) This article describes how you potentially can get yourself in trouble (and how to recover from it), if you don’t understand the concept of Workspace Containers in RES Workspace Manager.

RG051 – Workspace life on Windows 8 (Added Mar 8th 2013) This is another housekeeping transplant to the Technote Library. This article was originally posted back in December 2012. It covers how to use the old RES Shell to get the Start Menu back on Windows 8 and a classic Ranzau Rant (TM) on what’s hot and not about Metro.

RG050 – The Printer Migration Wizard (Added Mar 7th 2013) One of our developers have shared a cool utility which will help you import network printers into RES Workspace Manager from AD or a CSV file. The article contains the downloadable utility.

RG04F – Migrating PowerFuse 7.x to Workspace Manager (Added Feb 22nd 2013) This article is an update of one of the very first postings I made back in 2008. Since then RES Workspace Manager 2012 is now capable of upgrading an old legacy PowerFuse 7.03, it made sense to show both methods available to you

RG04E – Getting rid of a Win7 Explorer problem with AM (Added Feb  14th 2013) This article was originally posted outside the techlibrary, but has been moved in here for housekeeping as usual. The article explains how to use RES Automation Manager to get rid of an anoying problem with Explorer in Windows7. A buildingblock is included as well

RG04D – Defeating a live trojan infection with AM (Added Feb 6th 2013) This is an article about using RES Automation Manager to defeat a live virus Sirefef infection and cleaning up the collateral damage afterwards, in case you’re dealing with many computers. With the help of others, I’ve put together a solution, as well as providing some valuable takeaways. This article was originally posted on the frontpage back in August 2012, but has been moved to the TechLib for housekeeping purposes.

RG04C – Detecting Windows 8 in a WM2012 Zone (Added Feb 5th 2013) This article was originally posted outside the techlibrary back in August 2012, but doing a bit of housekeeping it made sense to have it here instead. The article explains how to manually detect Windows8 until Workspace Manager 2012 SR2 allows us to do so natively.

RG04B – How to set up a Maintanence Shell (Added Feb 5th 2013) Rob Aarts shows us in this article how to use RES Automation Manager to configure a custom shell on workstations during maintanence cycles, where it is not desired that users attempt to access the computer.

RG04A – Integrating Citrix XA6.5 Prelaunch with WM (Added Feb 4th 2013) In this article, guest writer Lasse Homann of JN Data shares how to make RES Workspace Manager and Citrix prelaunch option work together.

RG049 – Replacing the RES HyperDrive certificate (Added July 25th 2012) This article covers replacing your self-signed SSL certificate with a purchased certificate on the HyperDrive appliance

RG048 – Configuring RES HyperDrive (Added July 2nd 2012) In this continuing article, the initial web-based setup of the RES Hyperdrive box is covered.

RG047 – Installing HyperDrive and fixing clockdrift   (Added July 2nd 2012) Rob Arts covers the installation of the RES HyperDrive virtual appliance in this article, and shows us how to deal with a potential clockdrift problem.

RG046 – All about the RES Relay Server (Added April 17th 2012) In this article I will go over the new Relay Server, which is included in the upcoming Workspace Manager 2012 release. The relay server is an important infrastructure component to know about when designing tomorrow’s workspace solutions.

RG045 – Parsing files with RES Automation Manager (Added Mar 18 2012) Patrick Kaak explains in this article how you can use RES AM to change an existing semi-static script into a generic runbook you can use across multiple customer environments. Building block example is included.

RG044 – Using Sync Center with Workspace Manager 2011 SR3 (Added Jan 9th 2012) In this article you will learn about the new Sync Center support in Workspace Manager 2011 SR3. This is a great way to combine the user’s personal Synchronization needs with any corporate synchronization setups. Buildingblock included!

RG043 – AM Dispatcher+ and WebAPI Explained (Added Jan 8th 2012) This article is a great read, as you will learn about the Dispatcher+, MasterCaching and the WebAPI feature. All new advanced features of the RES Automation Manager 2012

RG042 – AM Global Variables explained (Added Jan 3rd 2012) In this article, Rob Aarts explains what the Automation Manager’s Global Variables is all about and what you can do with them!

RG041 – Grabbing everything Explorer does! (Added December 6th 2011) This article is about grabbing as much of the explorer settings on Windows 7 as possible to maintain a consistent desktop across a delivery infrastructure such as VDI. A buildingblock is included ready for import into your lab!

RG040 – Dynamic bitmaps for outlook signatures (Added November 4th 2011) Celebrating our 60th technote, this article by Sascha Maier explains how you setup HTML Outlook signatures with embedded graphics, and make them dynamic, so different departments/groups get different signatures.

RG03F – Viewing contens of UPR files (Added October 28th 2011) This illustrated tutorial article by Patrick Kaak, will show how you via the RES Workspace Manager console can investigate UPR files. Sometimes you may have a large UPR* file and you want to know why. This article shows you how.

RG03E – Limiting interaction between Office components (Added August 14th 2011). Here you can learn how to utilize RES Workspace Manager’s File and Folder Security to prevent Office from launching restricted apps via OLE Object Insert.

RG03D – Using Run Book Parameter Linking (Added August 6th 2011) In this article Patrick Kaak continues where he left off in article RG03A and explains with illustrations how you can optimize your RES Automation Manager task by reusing input values across different module

RG03C – Corporate app standardization with Automation Manager (Added June 26th 2011). Sascha Maier takes us through the nuts and bolts of a corporate application standardization process, what it means to the business, but also how to do it with Automation Manager, based on real-world experience.

RG03B – All about the Baseline Desktop Analyzer (Added June 2nd 2011) Get an early heads up on good things to come. In this article I’ll cover the RES Baseline Desktop Analyzer service, which we will start offering for FREE from July 1st 2011. This will be a valuable tool for any admin or integrator who needs to establish an overview of the current IT estate.

RG03A –  Creating unique logon names (Added May 22nd 2011) In this article by Patrick Kaak, you can discover how RES Automation Manager can be configured to create unique loginnames automatically from a CSV file. This is extremely useful when you have two or more full usernames in your list which using your company’s naming convention, would result in duplicate usernames.

RG039 – Mapping the right keyboard to the right people (Added May 17th 2011). This Article by Sascha Maier describes how to easily configure one-time setup of keyboard configuration for users in an international environment. The article includes a sample buildingblock for your convenience.

RG038 – Differences between Profile Managers (Added May 13th 2011) Patrik Kaak takes us through a comparison between some of the available profile management technologies on the market, including Citrix Profile Manager, Flexprofiles and the User Settings component of the RES Workspace Manager. Also some interesting possibilities with Workspace Manager is revealed at the end. Well worth reading.

RG037 – Workspace containers, Inside out. (Updated Feb 15th 2010) In this article we cover several examples on how you can utilize the Workspace Container element in RES Workspace Manager 2008 and up. This article now has 6 total examples based on Workspace Manager 2010 capabilities. Note this article was renamed from RU002

RG036 – How to expand disks on your RES lab VM’s. This article was written quite a while back to help some folks running VMware lab environments, where they were running out of diskspace on their systemdrives fast. This article will help you get the stuff you need to deal with this situation. Note this article was previously numbered RU001, but has been renamed to conform to the numbering system we use for articles here at

RG035 – Migrating to Win7 with Workspace Manager (Added Apr 18th 2011. By Sascha Maier) In this article Sascha takes you though some of the important steps when migrating from Windows XP into a VDI based Windows 7 environment.

RG034 – User driven app-install with WM & AM (Added Apr 18th 2011. By Patrik Kaak) This article explains how to configure Workspace Manager together with Automation Manager so applications can be installed automatically when a user needs them first-time. All while the user does not have to be a local administrator.

RG033 – How VDX Works. (Added Feb 25th 2011). It is my ambition with this article to give an in-depth into how the components of VDX, specifically the license server and the VDX engine work. There is also some interesting discussion of the displaymodes and lot’s of other goodies in this article.

RG032 – Guide to VDX registry settings. (Added Feb 25th 2011) This article gives an in-depth overview of the settings which can be configured for the VDX Engine through the registry. The article also covers how you enable trace logging in the VDX components in case you need to troubleshoot anything.

RG031 – How to register for a portal account. (Added Feb 7th 2011). Once you’ve activated RES product licenses, as described in RG030, you can register for access to the RES Support account.  This article you will learn how to set up your first account on the portal. The second part of  this article takes you on a tour through the portal showing you what you can do there.

RG030 – How to install and activate RES licenses. (Added Feb 5th 2011). This illustrated tutorial will take you through all the steps necessary to add, register and activate your RES licenses. If you haven’t worked with RES licenses before, this would be a good place to start as the article also explains a bit around the different types of licenses you can obtain.

RG02F – Cause and Effects in in RES Workspace Manager (Added Jan 31st 2010). In this article you can get a great overview of what exactly happens during logon, at a refresh, what can be configured to happen during network changes, etc. This article contains a handy chart you can download for your reference.

RG02E – Deploying a custom screensaver (Added Dec 6th 2010). The purpose of this article is to serve as an entrylevel Workspace Manager tutorial on how to use custom resources and user registry settings to deploy and configure a resource, in this case a custom screensaver. Even if you’re a veteran ‘Workspacer, check it out – you just might learn something new!

RG02D – Splitting the Workspace Manager 2011 Datastore (Added Nov 8th 2010). This article will show you some of the cool new functionality in the upcomming Workspace Manager 2011. Specifically WM now has the ability to slice off logging and Usage Tracking into a separate datastore, like we know it from the Citrix Xenapp Resource Manager. Read this article for a step-by-step-guide.

RG02C – Ports of RES products (Added Sept 16th 2010). A reference to known TCP/IP ports being used by all RES Software products. This article also covers IP ports being used by supported DBMS’s

RG02B – Guide to Workspace Manager registry settings (Added August 30th 2010) This is an exhaustive guide to all known registry settings in Workspace Manager. It is built on the old RG05 article, which contained only about 12 registry settings. This document starts out with +24 more settings for you to explore. As more are discovered this document will be updated.

RG02A – Deploying Workspace Manager in StealthMode (Added August 21st 2010) A long awaited article that describes in detail how you can install and run Workspace Manager quietly on existing computers by using special installation parameters and workspace models.

RG029 – Removing hanging Aborted jobs from Automation Manager (Added August 19th 2010) Describes how to get rid of jobs which are stuck in the Aborting state. Warning, this requires you to hack your datastore directly. The article also gives good information on the possible status values of the  status fields.

RG028 – Fixing a Automation Manager agent uninstall issue (Added  August 18th 2010) This article explains how to completely clean out the Automation Manager agent, in case something has gone haywire and you can’t uninstall it. This may be a rare item, nevertheless here is how I fixed it.

RG027: Workspace Models 101 (Added August 17th 2010) In this article, I will attempt to describe  the Workspace Model feature of RES Workspace Manager, and how you can use these to your advantage. Workspace models are great for managing multiple environments where all global options don’t necessarily apply everywhere.

RG026: Cleaning up Global Authorized files (Added April 9th 2010) This article shows you how to sort out the Global Authorized Files list in Workspace Manager and break it up into smaller manageable chunks, using empty applications as placeholders. A buildingblock is included as usual.

RG025: Converting ControlPanel apps to BuildingBlocks (Added April 9th 2010). In this article you can learn a generic approach to importing Control Panel applets into Workspace Manager, regardless if you know the commandline already or not. The article contains a buildingblock with ready-made Workspace Manager applications for all current WinXP and Win7 control panel applets.

RG024: Secrets of PWRGATE.EXE (Added March 5th 2010). This document will show some of the less know things you can use the pwrgate.exe process in Workspace Manager 2010 to accomplish. For example you can launch the User Installed Applications (PMWS) wizard directly with this tool, and much more. A buildingblock is included for your convenience.

RG023: Managing multiple config sets for one app: (Added March 2nd 2010). Here we will examine how you can have multiple sets of configuration settings all stored under one application, enabeling the users to select which to apply when they  start the app. Very useful for prod/test/dev scenarios. We will also examine the new Registry Tracing feature of Workspace Manager 2010 in the same article.

RG022: PRINTERS.LST – The forgotten feature: (Added March 2nd 2010). This is the first article since the release of Workspace Manager 2010. From this article you can learn how to create lists of printers which better reflect the geography and physical world, where the printers reside.

RG021: How to create a MS Azure database for RES Workspace Manager: (Added Feb 7h 2010). This article will show you step-by-step how to sign up for and create a Microsoft Azure cloud-based SQL database server. Using Workspace Manager 2010, we will then show you how to put it to good use.

RG020: How to reset run-once settings: (Added Jan 16th 2010). Learn how to setup applications which can be individually reset to heal problems. This has the potential to massively lower the number of support calls.

RG01F: Getting rid of the first-time login stuff: (Added Jan 4th 2010).  This article describes how to rid yourself of the first-time setup stuff which users normally experience when logging on to a computer for the first time. A buildingblock is included.

RG01E: Dealing with Mandatory Profile Crap: (Added Jan 1st 2010). In this new article we take the fast track through setting up mandatory profiles for use with a RES managed environment. If you haven’t done mandatory profiles before, or it’s just been a while, these things can potentially be a pain in the butt to deal with, hence this article.

RG01D: RES Related Youtube videos: (Updated Feb 19th 2010). Here’s an overview of all the Youtube videos I’ve found, which are related to Workspace Manager, Automation Manager or just explanation of concepts from RES Software.

RG01C: How to Hack and Protect Managed Laptops: (added December 27th 2009). In this article we take a close look at the methods an advanced user may utilize to gain access to a managed laptop. We also look at the appropriate countermeasures which can defeat these attacks.

RG01B: How to integrate Workspace Manager and Installfree: (Added April 28th) This article describes how to get Workspace Manager and Installfree to talk to each other. It’s a no-frills article with the raw facts at the moment. Hopefully we’ll have it updated with some nice screenshots in the future.

RG01A: How to fix local cache error: (Added April 25th) This technote describes an alternate solution to a problem around not being able to start a Workspace Manager session. In this case you get a spooky error about Locally cached RES Workspace Manager settings were not found. This solution may be applicable when restarting the RES service just isn’t enough.

RG019: Preventing access to administrative shares. (Added April 25th) This technote will show you how to use Workspace Manager file and folder security to block access to administrative shares on other computers – even if the user is an administrator!

RG018: Building a laptop installation offline. (Added sometime back in march)The contents of this article will help you setup an environment where a laptop can be rebuilt with Workspace Manager when it’s away from the network

RG017: Automation Manager Tips & Tricks: This article covers alot of interesting Automation Manager topics such as: How to enable debugging mode in RES Automation Manager, Using the $workspace tag in Automation Manager, Scheduling Automation Manager jobs from the commandline, Automation Manager Agent installation parameters and much much more.

RG016: UsageTracking Skeletons in the Closet? (Added March 26th 2009) If you have some spooky records in your UsageTracking logs, which you would like to get rid of for one reason or another, this is how you can deal with it. A buildingblock is included!

RG015: Secret tools of the RES Engineer (Modified March 20th 2009) This article covers some interesting tools and troubleshooting techniques, which may help you working with RES Workspace Manager

RG014: Preconfigured voluntary settings in a mandatory profile (Added Feb 26th 2009) This article describes how you can use PowerLaunch and User Preferences together, in order to make voluntary user settings in a mandatory profile

RG013: Reducing the size of the Workspace Manager database (Added Feb 24st 2009) In this article we examine how to deal with with too much accumulated UsageTracking  log data. How to get rid of it, and how to prevent it from coming back with a vengeance!

RG012 PowerFuse 2008 SRr update (Added Feb 21st 2009) This article covers the new registry settings which are to be found in this update.

RG011: Building a kickass VDX demo! (Added Feb 17th 2009). This article describes how you can test or demo the RES Workspace Extender, while explaining how it works too.

RG010: Automation Manager Easter Eggs (Added Feb 12th 2009) An article that describes two hidden tasks in Automation Manager, respectively for playing audio and opening/closing the CD tray.

RG00F: Working with the Workspace Manager security models (Added Feb 5th 2009) This article describes how to get properly started using learning mode, authorizations and blocking mode of the Workspace Manager security subsystems.

RG00E: Analyzing Logon time SLA with RES Workspace Manager: (Added Feb 2nd 2009) This technote will introduce you to how you can measure fullfillment of Service Level Agreements on logon-time, using the Access Balancing log.

RG00D: Automation Manager Licensing 101: (Added Feb 1st 2009) A quick guide to the new connector licenses of Automation Manager 2009. This article also includes a nifty calculator to help you figure out your licensing needs.

RG00C: Clearing individual logs in Workspace Manager (Added Feb 1st 2009) This article will discuss how to surgically empty specific logs from the RES Workspace Manager database. A Automation Manager Buildingblock is included.

RG00B: Specifying default outlook signature for a user: (Added Jan 27th 2009) If a user needs a default signature and more than one additional sigatures to chose from, this document shows you to go about this in Workspace Manager.

RG00A: One application in Workspace Manager using App-V on Workstation/Server: (Added Jan 24th 2009) If you want to avoid having multiple application definitions for the same program in Workspace Manager, here’s a nifty approach to configuring this using environment variables.

RG009: Creating a Citrix Streamed app in Workspace Manager: (Added Jan 23rd 2009) This document, submitted by Richard Callis, shows how you can implement Citrix’s brand of virtual apps, utilizing RES’s Generic Isolation Integration technology.

RG008: Saving power with Automation Manager: (Added Jan 23rd 2009) An embedded calculation sheet which can help you determine the power you can save by shutting off some of your servers and find out how much  money you can save. Also it will help you determine your return on investment if you use Automation Manager to do it for you. The article contains a nifty calculator that will help you figure out the break-even point of product investment vs. powersavings.

RG007: UsageTracking Database Size calculator: Using the calculator sheet embedded in this page, you can estimate the size your Workspace Manager database will grow when you enable and configure UsageTraking (formerly known as PowerTrace)

RG006: Variables, Tags and Functions of RES Workspace Manager: (Added Jan 19th 2009) This article covers all those nifty Environment Variables, Tags and Built-in functions in Workspace Manager which you can use to get REALLY creative. The document is also available as a PDF here

RG005 Workspace Manager Tips & Tricks: (Added Jan 17th 2009) This is a mixed bag of cool stuff you can do with Workspace Manager which may not be entirely obvious. This covers especially things you can do in the registry and such.

RG004: Commandline parameters of RES Workspace Manager: (Updated Sep 2nd 2010) This technote is a reference to all known commandline parameters for the Workspace Composer, the Workspace Manager Console and for unattended installation of Workspace Manager components.

RG003: Laptops and Offline Homedrives in Workspace Manager: (Added Jan 9th 2009) This technote explains in detail how you can set up Workspace Manager to map the same homedrive no matter if you are on- or offline and to ensure that the data is syncronized.

RG002: Only allow shortcuts on the desktop: (Added Jan 4th 2009) Using some nifty security rules in Workspace Manager’s File&Folder security, you can configure an environment where the users are allowed only to place .lnk and .url and empty folders on the desktop. This is really cool as it drastically reduces the volume of data you may have to deal with.

RG001: Using USB Device Security: (Added Jan 11th 2009) This technote will take you through setting up a secured environment around an application, using USB device security. This way you can allow access to the app when a given USB drive is inserted and at the same time disallow/kill certain other apps.

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