RG016 UsageTracking Skeletons in the closet?

By Max Ranzau


You may find yourself in the sticky situation that you need to remove certain records from Usage Tracking. Suppose you have WebTrace enabled and your best colleague (ofcourse inadvertendly and completely accidentally) clicks on a link which takes him to nakedsmurfsmut.com or something even more embarassing :)

Now this information is logged in Usage Tracking and all we want is get rid of those particular records. This is currently not doable from within the PowerFuse console, so here is a solution to this.

warning, yellowWarning: This excersize involves messing around with the PowerFuse tables. If you are not sure what you’re doing, better leave it alone as you can risk blowing up your database or worse. Always make a backup of your DB before attempting to doctor it. And yeah, it’s not supported and so on.

Anyway to deal with this problem , you need to run some SQL update queries up against your DBMS. The SQL you need looks like this:

WHERE     (strtitle LIKE '%somesite.com%')
WHERE     (strtitle LIKE '%somesite.com%')
WHERE     (strtitle LIKE '%somesite.com%')
WHERE     (strtitle LIKE '%somesite.com%')

If you prefer to do such things through RES Automation Manager, here’s a buildingblock for a module you can import and use instead. You schedule it to run on the SQL server which has your Workspace Manager log database on it.  The module will automagically prompt you first-time for the connection details and the search string of those records you wish to delete.

Rightclick and save target on the brick to download: legobrick_red

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  • By John Doe, March 28, 2009 @ 09:55

    It’s also possible to limit the result to only http/https – by defining another where clause – lngAppID=-1000

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